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by Jun 16, 2023

Maratha History is full of heros. Out of those, few were very aggressive, but loyal to the Maratha kingdom. I’m here to dive into the epic history of a notable warrior of Maratha history. Be ready to witness the life values as we are going to dive into the Biography of Murarbaji Deshpande.


Murarbaji Deshpande was a brave warrior, leader and a popular figure in Indian history. Murarbaji gave his life to the cause of the Maratha Empire. Apart from it, he also played a crucial role in the battles against foreign invaders and stood as a pillar of strength during rough times. His commitment to his people and his stubborn spirit made him a respected figure in Maharashtra. This biography of Murarbaji Deshpande explores his remarkable journey.

Birth and Early Life

Murarbaji Deshpande was born in Javali, a small village in Maharashtra. He lived in the scenic Deccan mountains, full of rich nature and culture.

He was a curious and ambitious young boy. He loved stories of bravery and heroism that echoed through the mountains.

While Javali was his birthplace, destiny had other plans for Murarbaji. He moved to Mahad for a fresh experience and opportunities. He started working for a respected person named Chandrarao More.

Mahad had lively streets and markets that gave Murarbaji an experience of a new way of living. He got involved in the lively culture of the town. Murarbaji enjoyed the sights and everything around him.

Mahad played a big role in Murarbaji’s journey. It helped him grow and led to amazing things in his future.

Joining Shivaji Maharaj’s Army

Outside View of Purandar Fort
Outside View of Purandar Fort

In 1656, when the more Kingdom lost, Murarbaji Deshpande joined army of Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj was a well-known leader. He aimed to safeguard Maharashtra and the people living there.

Murarbaji’s loyalty impressed Shivaji. He gave him a job of protecting the Purandar Fort.

Murarbaji felt proud. It was his duty to protect the fort and the people inside.

Shivaji Maharaj trained Murarbaji, shaping him into a formidable warrior.

The Mughals army had highly skilled European soldiers. This came in as a challenge for Murarbaji and his soldiers.

But Murarbaji and his friends showed great bravery and never gave up. Their Loyalty and love for their homeland was unmatched. They fought hard for Maharashtra’s independence and Hindavi Swaraj. .

Murarbaji’s life changed when joined Shivaji’s army. He became a hero who bravely defended and sacrificed for his homeland.

Battle For Purandar Fort

The Purandar Fort battle is a major part of Maratha history.

Murarbaji played an important role in defending the fort against the Mughal Forces. Shivaji Maharaj led the Marathas to protect the Deccan Kingdom.

Their aim was to highlight the strength of their hilly region and its valuable forts, including Purandar.

Murarbaji Deshpande was a Maratha defender. He was famous for being very loyal and skilled with a sword.

Their emperor led the Mughals. The aim was to display their power by rapidly capturing Purandar Fort. They viewed the fort as a representation of Maratha defiance. They wanted to prove that it was pointless to oppose their extensive empire.

Defense of Murarbaji

Purandar Fort On-Site View
Onsite view of Purandar Fort

The battle got intense. The Mughals had powerful cannons. Mannucci, a skilled European fighter, led these cannons. They attacked the walls of Purandar port, causing them to break.

Murarbaji and his soldiers refused to give up easily. The Mughals entered the fort, but the defenders, even though outnumbered, fought bravely..

Murarbaji was a skilled swordsman who inspired his troops to keep fighting. They could resist fiercely, causing the larger Mughal force to retreat. This showed the strength and bravery of Murarbaji and his comrades.

The Mughals had powerful weapons and many soldiers. But Murarbaji and his soldiers were brave and didn’t give up. They faced difficulty when the fort walls crumbled, but they didn’t lose hope. Murarbaji was very skilled and brave. He kept attacking the Mughals and motivated his soldiers to fight bravely.

Their determined defense came in handy in gaining victory against the Mughals. Murarbaji fighting skills and inspiring leadership became legendary, symbolling bravery and resilience. .

The Offer Of Peace and Martyrdom

Diler Khan was in the Mughal army. Bravery of Murarbaji impressed him. Recognizing his courage and skills, Diler Khan approached Murarbaji with an offer. He proposed a truce, a prestigious Mughal army position and a handsome salary. Murarbaji did not change his support for Indian self-rule. He firmly declined the tempting offer, staying true to his principles.

Diler Khan was a coward and did not have the courage to fight with Murarbaji. Hence, he shot an arrow from an elephant. That arrow penetrated the chest of Murarbaji.

Sadly. Murarbaji’s loyalty came at a significant cost. Diler Khan, deceitful and cunning, betrayed Murarbaji’s trust. In a treacherous act, he tricked Murarbaji and beheaded him.

Yet, even in death, Murarbaji’s valiant spirit endured. His body fought on without a head, determined and fierce. He slashed through many enemy soldiers, causing them to retreat.

Murarbaji was very brave and loyal. He stood up for self-rule and freedom without fear. His bravery still inspires many, even though his life had a tragic end.

Mausoleum of Veer Murarbaji Deshpande
Mausoleum of Veer Murarbaji Deshpande

His Legacy and Impact

Murarbaji Deshpande was brave and dedicated to the Marathas. He left a lasting legacy. The Mughals took over Purandar Fort. Murarbaji defended it bravely, and his courage inspired people for years.

Murarbaji had a strong will, excellent sword skills, and was a good leader. He made a lasting impression.

He was brave and ready to die for Hindavi Swaraj’s deals, which still inspire people today.

He died as a hero, and the Maratha soldiers also sacrificed their lives. This shows how strong and determined the Maratha people were.

The Marathas showed bravery by standing up to the mighty Mughal army. It was a significant event for them. They proved their loyalty to their land, culture, and freedom.

Murarbaji’s impact extends beyond the battlefield. His story is famous in Maratha folklore and popular culture. They depict him as a brave warrior and a symbol of Maratha’s pride. He gave a lot to show how important it is to resist being oppressed and hold on to what you believe in.

Murarbaji protected the Purandar Fort and showed that it was difficult for the Mughals to conquer the Deccan region.

The Mughals learned a big lesson from this battle. It showed that the Marathas were very determined and had a powerful spirit. This battle had a big impact on the power dynamics of the Deccan area.



Featured Image: Murarbaji Statue at Purandar Fort, Credits: Wikipedia

Outside View of Purandar Fort, Credits: Wikipedia

Onsite view of Purandar Fort, Credits: Abhijeet Safai

Mausoleum of Veer Murarbaji Deshpande, Credits: Karashnopol, Source, Wikimedia

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