Privacy Policy

Your privacy is really crucial for us. Therefore, we have created this policy to let you know how we collect, communicate, and use your personal information. The following gives overview of our privacy policy.

When accessing the website, HistoricNation will retain certain information about you during your visit.

Exactly like other commercial websites, our website also uses a standard technology called ‘cookies’ (see detailed explanation about cookies below) and server logs to accumulate information about how our site is utilized.

Gathered Information via cookies along with server logs may contain date and time of visits, viewed pages, time spent on each page and total time duration on the entire site, and websites visited just before and after, and IP address and can also include country location for analytics purpose.


Utilization Of Cookies

A cookie is text document of small in size, and it often contains an anonymous unique identifier. On website visit, computer of site asks for the permissions to store this file in a part of your hard drive that are designated specifically for cookies.

Every website can send its own cookies to your browser. Additionally, for receiving cookies to your browser, you must need to allow it from preferences under browser settings. You have full control over browser and you can allow or disallow cookies anytime for any specific site. For your privacy protection, your browser is already set to permit only websites to access the cookies which are already sent cookies to your browser, not the cookies send to you by other sites.


IP Addresses

Your computer uses IP address whenever you connect your PC to internet. IP address is responsible to identify your computer in giant network. In short, it is your virtual address set to your computer which is recognized as numbers separated by three dots. All websites, by default collect the IP address to create the demographics which is known as “traffic data”, so that information (for example webpages you requested) can be sent to you.


Email Information

If you decide to contact to us via email, our system collects your email along with content of your email that you may send to us. So that we may reply back to email address. This electronic conversation retains the information mentioned above along with our responses. To process our visitor information in safe way we always very cautious. We provide exact protections during these electronic communications that we exercise in maintenance of information that received online, telephone and email. This also applies when you register to our website, sign up via any of our forms entering email or may be purchase on site. For more detailed information see the email policies given below.


How Do We Utilize The Information That Is Provided By You?

Generally, we use individual information to providing customer service, manage our business activities along with serving customer with other items to our customers, including prospective customers

HistoricNation will never obtain your personally-identifying information when you visit our site, unless you decide to share that information with us. Your information never be sold or transferred to any kind of unaffiliated third-parties without the user approval at the time of collection of information.

We may disclose information whenever legally required to do so. Briefly telling, when we in good faith, believe that law need it or for the safety of our legal rights.


Email Policies

We are dedicated in order to keep your e-mail address confidential. We don’t sell, lease, or rent our subscribers lists to any third parties, and your personal information will not provide to third party company or government agency or individual at any time unless serious compulsion to do so by la

We will use your e-mail only to provide updated information about HistoricNation.

We will upkeep the information you send through e-mail in coincidence with federal law that is application.


CAN-SPAM Compliance

In observance with CAN-SPAM Act, every e-mail sent from our organization will obviously mention who the e-mail is from and give the clear-cut information on how to contact the sender. Additionally, each e-mail message also includes precise information on how to abolish yourself from our email list, so you can easily stop our email communication from us.


Choice To Opt-Out

Our website gives users a full control over receiving communications from us and partners. So you can easily unsubscribe by reading instructions placed at the bottom of every e-mail they get from us whenever you want.

Subscribed users who don’t want to receive future newsletter or promotional stuff may op-out of receiving those communications after clicking on the unsubscribe link included in the e-mail.


Use Of External Links may include the hyperlinks to so many other websites. HistoricNation cannot guarantee the information accuracy and certainty located at any linked websites. Links to or from those externally linked sites not controlled or owned by HistoricNation. HistoricNation and its employees of the sponsors of these sites or the products or information presented therein do not constitute an endorsement to any external linked website and sites linked to and from to that external site.

On accessing this website, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these website Terms and conditions of use, laws and regulations applicable to you, and you are accountable for compliance with all applicable local laws.

If you do not accept and agree with all of these terms, then you are forbidden from using or accessing this website. The all material and content available in this website are copyright protected.

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