Purandar Fort- Eye Captivating Castle in Sahyadri

by Jun 19, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome again in journey to visit awesome forts of Maharashtra. One of dilapidated but really beautiful for Purandar fort. It is one of the fort that decorated with natural beauty.

Introduction to The Fort of Purandar

You might be familiar with various forts situated in the Sahayadri mountain ranges. One such less explored and safely hidden from much attention is the Purandar fort.

This fort is 4472 feet above sea level and 50 kilometers away from Pune. Purandar Fort is considered to be a twin fort of Vajragadh fort. Purandar fort is taller than and is to the west of Vajragadh fort.

When we reach the fort, we are recommended to see the old temples around the fort. From the top of the fort, Vajragadh fort and other hills offer a spectacular view.

This is an exciting and noticeable place with immense historic importance. The fortifications of this fort have played an important role.

This fort has been mentioned a lot of times while talking about fight of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj against Adilshah, Mughals, and Vijapur Sultanate.

The historic background of this Purandar fort goes back to the Yadav clan of the 11th century.

After that, the control of this fort was taken over by the Persians, and then it was controlled by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s grandfather Maloji Bhosale till the 14th century.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s son, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was also born in this fort. The fortification of this fort has been recently damaged.

The magnificent engineering of this place which lies in the center of the Western Ghaat, the vastness of this magnetic field continuously attracts tourists.

The historic importance of this fort, its post, and their environmental factors, natural expeditions, and exciting ventures attract a lot of tourists who are looking to relieve their stress over the weekends.

Information About Purandar Fort

You need to climb an asphalt road that goes from Narayanpur to the fort’s entrance. The purandar fort was the one of great stronghold of Maratha Empire.

The footpath that leads to the fortification has been closed down, and hence, this asphalt road acts as the main access road of the fort.

It is possible to take vehicles upon this road and hence one can go halfway up to the fort by vehicle.

Purandar fort is under the army’s control, and hence, tourists are prohibited to visit this place after 5 p.m. Also, photography is prohibited on the fort.

There are two entry points to reach the top of the fort. One entry point is the parking area that surrounds the banyan tree which lies at the foot of the mountain.

The motorway of Narayanpur will take you to the foot of the fort. The ‘Binni Darwaja (Road)’ lies here, which is the main entrance of the fort.

The Catholic church of the British era welcomes everyone at this entrance.

The actual climb starts from the back of this church. It takes approximately one hour to reach the top of this fort.

The second entry point begins at a place at the foot of the fort, where the road from Narayanpur ends and steps begin.

The other route is to get off at the village situated at the foot of the mountain and start climbing from there. The sprawling mountain ranges with their extensive vastness make this route very impressive.

This road lies on the fortification road. The Fort has two specific levels. The lower level of this fort, known as ‘Machi’, has a few temples of this fort’s Gods and Goddesses.

This level has a Catholic Church that takes us back to the 19th century. This church is not far from the first entrance. There are steps right from the bottom of the fort, and they take us to the top of the fort.

This place has the best creation of this fortification, the ‘Binni Darwaja (door)’. Similarly, there is a temple ‘Kedareshwar’ (dedicated to Shiva) at the topmost point of this fort.

The main slope of this fort has two water tanks. Though most of the parts of this level are in ruins, one can definitely visit the old temples of Kedareshwar, God Indra, and Goddess Laxmi.

One can view the entire surrounding from this fort very well. Since the Sahayadri mountain ranges have Vajragadh, Torna fort, Sinhagad, and Rajgad fort close to them, one can have a clear and extraordinary view.

Specific Highlights of the Trek to Purandar Fort

Have got nothing planned for the weekend? Just plan a trip to Purandar fort with your adventurous friends. Purandar Fort is a lovely place to visit with your dear ones.

It is 50 kilometers away from Pune. If you visit this area, you are sure to get some solace from the daily, exhausting routine.
Purandar fort is one of the forts that lie in the boundaries of Pune. One can enjoy nature on this fort.

There are a lot of small and big waterfalls with water gushing down on the way to this fort. Out of these waterfalls, some can be seen from the fort, while some are very close to the fort.

You can visit the Balaji temple located in Ketkavale and Khandoba temple located in Jejuri while visiting Purandar fort.

The Trek of Purandar Fort

Route to climb

Easy. The way up to the fort is a very arduous pathway that has a few hills and a few slippery slopes.

Approximate time to climb the fort

One-way climb takes two hours.

Source of water

None. One must carry at least 2 liters of water along before starting the trek.

Best months to visit

Usually, as per the recommendations, the monsoon is the best time to climb the Sahayadris. Most of the people visit this fort to enjoy the surrounding greenery, the overcast and heavenly atmosphere.

By road

1 kilometer from Pune.

Nearest railway station


How to reach Purandar fort?

Narayanpur is a village well connected to Pune through N.H. 4. State Transport Buses run between Pune and Narayanpur at a good frequency.

The easiest possible way to go to Purandar fort from Pune is via Hadapsar-Saswad road. You will reach the road leading towards Purandar monastery in the village of Narayanpur. The fort is just a few kilometers away from here.

From Pune, you can catch the first bus that goes to Kapurhol/Saswad and then catches one more bus that goes to Narayanpur, which is the village in which Purandar fort is located. You can easily walk up to the Purandar fort from Narayanpur.

The route from Pune railway station to the village at the foot of the fort: Aaga Khan road – Station road – Saint Vasvani Road – South Kamaan (Arch) Road – Prince of Wales Road – N.H. 65 – S.H. 64/Pune Saswad Road – S.H. 64/S.H. 63. Approximately 19 kilometers ahead of S.H. 63/64 (from the Western Ghats of India), here lies the Purandar fort.

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