HistoricNation is an initiative to educate the people about our History. We also dedicated for making the motivational biographies of people in History. So hopefully you get inspired from them along with understanding Indian History.

I hope our goal makes sense to you as well! 😀

Hello HN readers!

Welcome to HistoricNation (HN)- the platform to learn and feel about our past and people around the world. A community of History enthusiastic who also recognized as the HN members!

Here is the short information about what content you expect on HistoricNation.

Here you will get 50% History related and 50% biographies of encouraging people around the world.
A community of like-minded History enthusiast like you.
Option to read or listen to the blog content.
Content available in multiple Indian languages.

I purchased the domain HistoricNation.in on February 7th, 2019 to explore out History without any serious intention. Starting a blog on something I love about is an entirely new experience for me. Slowly I get very much passionate about my blog as it is growing day by day.

I decided to educate people with the blog and to make the learning process more fun.
We are continuously working to make blog mistakes-free. But, it’s hard to make 100% mistake-free.
So, if you find any mistakes or have a complaint in mind, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will definitely reply to your meaningful queries within 48 hrs.

It is said that,

Words have power to change the world!

Digital content is free, and with the power of the internet, you can use it easily.

HistoricNation is the platform for the people who have the desire to learn.

Are you feeling discouraged? Then, our biography section might help you to feel and stay motivated.


The Person Behind HistoricNation

Well, I am Ashish Salunke the primary founder of HistoricNation, you can say! 😊

Apart from the above truth, I am a straightforward guy who loves History and want to explore it in depth.

I started my blog in 2019 to encourage my passion for History & to share it with people.

That’s the reason behind how HistoricNation was born.
Beginning Of Biographies Category
History has always been one of the topics of my passion. It always helped me to learn out the mistakes did by people of the past. So along with History, I seemed the need for creating the biographies of those people. I hope this category will help you out to learn from them.


Why Should You Read History?

Do you know the basics of British rule over the world? Their one of the reason is modernization. So it’s not wrong to be modern, but knowing your History is just as important. Because this is the History that helps us avoid mistakes happened in History.

To illustrate, I want to give one example,

The Mauryan rulers established the most extensive Kingdom in India. But after Emperor Ashoka, the Mauryan empire declined due to lack of strong leadership. Because the expansion of the empire was immense, the rulers after the Ashoka were unable to manage and control it.

So now, you will ask, who avoided this mistake?

In the third century CE, Gupta rulers avoided this mistake. They tried to focus on controlling their empire by limiting its expansion.

Ashish Salunke

My Journey and Future Goals

Here at HistoricNation, I share everything about our beautiful History along with biopics that will definitely encourage you.

I am looking for detailed biographies of inspiring people, so that, it will teach you something.

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I think that’s enough for now! Hopefully, see you in a new blog!

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