Purpose of HN Blog

Hello friends We’re trying to give new direction to our interest in History through this blog. In this world, the History, culture, standard of living, caste, religion and ethos of each country are different. People from these different countries have been famous in various fields in History.
On other hand India is country famous for their History & Culture. So many Peoples of India are famous and incredible in their work. These people may be from scientists, philosopher, social worker, political leader or from any other background.

The biographies of those individuals in such different fields would definitely be inspiring for people from all fields, wouldn’t it?

With this in mind, we started this blog to publish Indian biographies of individuals in History. Hope you enjoy this blog.

The inspiration behind the HN Blog

Indian & its glorious History has always inspired us. In India, from the invasion of Alexander to the invasion of British, many ambitious, and patriotic people have tried to keep India free from slavery. By reading the character of such individuals, we may not be exactly as patriotic as them, but definitely could take little patriotism from them.

Why read History?

Do you know the basics of British rule over the world? Their one of the reason is modernization. So it’s not wrong to be modern, but knowing your History is just as important. Because, this is the History that helps us avoid mistakes happened in History.
To illustrate I want to give one example,
The Mauryan rulers established the largest Kingdom in India. But after the Emperor Ashoka, the same empire collapsed due to lack of the strong leadership. Because the expansion of the empire was immense, the rulers after the Ashoka were unable to manage and control it.

So now, you will ask, who avoided this mistake?
In the third century CE, Gupta rulers avoided this mistake. They tried to focus on controlling their empire by limiting its expansion.

Blog sections

The main section of this blog is “Biographies”. This section is entirely to belong to different categories of people according to their career or work.

There will be sub-categories of Biographies section that may be emperors, scientists, politicians, philosophers, social workers. These all categories may not be available at now, but all categories will be available as soon as content becomes ready. So, stay tuned and updated with email newsletter subscription or clicking on notification bell located on right bottom corner.

If this blog responds well, we will try to give you as much information as possible through various media such as Podcasts, Videos. However, we request you to give good response by sharing blog posts over social media.

The second category will be “Amazing India” this category dedicated to the History, Art & culture of India.