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In this article, I will narrate the entire history of Ajabde Punwar with you. Along with his acquaintance, we will get detailed information about love story of Maharani Ajabde and Kunwar Pratap, their marriage, after marriage life and also about her death. So, I suggest you to do not forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for latest updates and urge you to read this article till the end.

The name of Maharana Pratap Singh is among one of the priceless gems of India. But, his wife Maharani Ajabde Punwar would have played a big role in the life of this great personality. The story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde is truly fascinating.

As many incidents in Indian history are thrilling, many love stories are popular. Be it the story of Lord Ram-Site or Radha-Krishna, you still remember it. Today I am going to tell you, a love story that most people do not know.

We all know Maharana Pratap of Mewad, who ensured the existence of Mewad by fighting against an ambitious emperor like Akbar. But, very few people know about the love story between him and Maharani Ajabde Punwar. So, let us start a wonderful journey and love one of ideal queen. From time to time, an example of their Love story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde used to given by the people of Rajasthan.

Maharana Pratap had to undergo eight marriages due to political matters. Still, his first marriage with Queen Ajabde was special for him.

Maharana Pratap – The Protector of Mewad

Kunwar Pratap Singh was born in 1540 CE as the eldest son of Maharana Udai Singh and Queen Jaywantabai. The Suryavanshis belonged to the elite Sisodiya Rajput royal family. Pratap was addressed as “Kika” when he was a child. In Indian history, he is especially known for his unique bravery in the battle of Haldighati. He was coronated as Maharana of Mewar on February 28, 1571 CE.

Ajabade Punwar of Bijolia Royal Family

Ajabde is from exactly which place?

Bijolia was a place in the present Bhilwara district. It was believed to be a place only for the upper classes. That is, the first class means the only Rajputs had a place in this place.

Ajabde Punwar belonged to the royal family of Bijolia, a small part of Mewar province. As both Ajabde and Pratap belonged to the Sisodia Royal families, both were well familiar with each other. They were also good friends since childhood.

Maharani Ajabde Punwar

A mother and father of Ajabde

She was the daughter of Rao Mamrakh Singh and Rani Hansabai. She was very humble, soft hearted but courageous and brave.

The Marriage Story of Ajabde and Pratap

Marriage proposal for Kunwar Pratap from Royal family of Bijolia

Before Pratap became Maharana, Maharana Uday Singh and Kunwar Pratap participated in the war of Marwar. After the victory in the war, they moved to Bijolia at the insistence of his Knight Rao Mamrak Singh Sisodia.

At this time, Mamrak Rao proposed the marriage of Kunwar Pratap and Ajabde before Maharana Udai Singh. Since both were childhood friends, they also agreed to the marriage.

Their age at the time of marriage

Early marriage was common in medieval India. Therefore, Kunwar Pratap and Ajabde got married at a young age. So at the time of marriage, Kunwar Pratap was 17 years old and Ajabde was only 15 years old.

Tradition of marriage they followed and Dignitaries present

Their marriage took place in 1557 CE in Indian Rajput style according to Hindu custom. According to some sources, they were married on the bank of a river in Bijolia. All the Noblemens, Sardars (Knights) and Jagirdars (Landlords) of Mewar were present along with all the Bijolia residents.

As both of them knew each other from earlier, they had a sense of trust and respect for each other.

How is this love marriage?

Most of the people have this question, if the marriage is planned then how is this love story? According to me, once a person falls in love especially in India, there is less chance of getting married to the same person.

This possibility vanishes in the world of today due to factors like casteism, prestige, caste, class, and ego, which make two families incompatible. But these things did not come into the love story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde.

A Devoted Wife and a Dutiful Queen

Although Kunwar Pratap fell in love with Ajabde, their marriage took place only with the consent of both the family members. The reason for this, according to me, is that honor of women is given top priority in the Rajput family. Be it a queen or a maid, it is in the princely blood from the very beginning to treat them with respect. If it was a matter of honour even women would face death with a smile.

To give an example of this, after the battle whenever there were victory of the enemy women inside fort of defeated troops used to do Jauhar. It is term closed related to mass self-immolation. But still this does not fully capture the cultural and historical context of “Jauhar”. These womens still bear witness to the purity and dignity of Rajput women.

The Position of Maharani Ajabde in Mewar

Obviously, being the queen of Mewar, her position was special. After Kunwar Pratap became Maharana, she kept information about every political matter on request of Pratap.

Therefore, she supported Maharana Pratap from time to time without staying away from politics like ordinary women. Maharana Pratap also periodically used to discuss matters related to the kingdom with her. The Maharana also used to give important confidential information to Ajabde because she was the Maharani (Chief Queen).

She always prioritized duty by keeping selfishness aside. Hence soon she became beloved and confidant of a mother of Pratap, Jaiwantabai.

Descendants of Maharani Ajabde and Maharana Pratap

Maharani Ajabde gave birth to her first child on March 16, 1559, after two years of marriage. Prince Pratap and Ajabde named him as Amar Singh I. The name of their second son was Bhagwan Das.

The Residence of Ajabde outside the Palaces with Maharana Pratap

Residence after Battle of Chittorgarh

On October 23, 1568 CE, Mughal Emperor Akbar besieged Chittorgarh Fort. The food supplies in the fort gradually ran out, leaving the fort with no option but to come out and fight. In such a situation, it was necessary to take the royal family to a safe place in order to continue the struggle against the Mughals. Therefore, on the advice of the ministers and advisors, Maharana Udai Singh shifted the family to Gogunda.

It was dangerous to keep all the family in one place. So according to Wikipedia, Kunwar Pratap and Ajabde were delivered to Chhappan. Chhappan is in present day Banswada district. He stayed at these places for about 3 to 4 months.

According to some sources, Pratap and his wife Ajabde lived in Rajpipala.

Residence after the Battle of Haldighati

Many brave heroes sacrificed themselves in the battle of Haldighati in 1576 CE. Although the outcome of this war went against them, the bravery of those princely warriors kept the hope of continuing the struggle.

After the Battle of Haldighati in the struggle against the Mughals, they were short of resources as well as food. Being a mother, Ajabde gave priority to her Kshatrani dharma, even in such adverse circumstances. In front of Mughals, Ajabde did not allow Maharana Pratap to defeat from his heart.

Maharana Udai Singh died in 1572 CE. After that mother of Kunwar Pratap, Maharani Jaiawantabai took Sannyas ( renunciation of the world ). His wife Ajabde took care that the husband should not be alone due to the simultaneous departure of both his mother and father.

Along with being a wife, mother, she also fulfilled the duty of being a queen. This shows, how courageous Maharani Ajabde was. He loyally supported Maharana Pratap even in very adverse circumstances.

Maharana Pratap and the Rajput heroes were able to fight in this freedom struggle against the Mughals, because of Maharani Ajabde and thousands of Rajput women like her, who are never mentioned in any history books. So my respect to such brave and courageous women.

In the pretentious world today, the most people of world imitate such people and people mistake it for love. So I think, generation of today needs to come out of social media and look into history.

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