3 Long Bedtime Stories for Children

by Feb 24, 2024

Story Of Four Friends

In a big city, there were four friends named Ravi, Raj, Rohan, and Ramesh. They had studied together in the same college and remained close after graduation.

Ravi, Raj, and Rohan were very talented and successful. They had high-paying jobs in reputed companies and lived in luxurious apartments. But Ramesh was lazy and careless. He had no ambition or passion. He depended on his friends for money and favors. Everyone looked down on him as a fool.

One day, the city was hit by a massive earthquake. Many buildings collapsed and roads cracked. People lost their lives and properties. The city was in chaos and panic.

“We need to get out of this city as soon as possible or else we will also die like many others,” said Ravi.

They all agreed with him.

“But what about Ramesh? Asked Ravi.

“Do we need him with us? He has no skills or talent. We cannot take him with us,” Raj replied.

“Though he will be a burden on us, how can we leave him behind? He is our friend,” said Rohan.

“We will share whatever we have equally among the four of us. They all agreed to take Ramesh along with them.

Four Brothers named Satyananda, Vidhyananda, Dhanananda, and Sivananda walking in Dense Forest
Four Brothers named Satyananda, Vidhyananda, Dhanananda, and Sivananda walking in Dense Forest

They packed all the necessary things and set out for a nearby village. On the way, they had to cross a bridge. As they were crossing the bridge, they saw a huge pile of gold coins lying on the other side. They became greedy and rushed to grab the coins. “Those are the treasure of a king,” said Raj.

The others agreed. “This is a great opportunity to test our luck,” said Ravi. “I can count the coins. So, he said, he started counting the coins one by one. Rohan said, “I can divide the coins equally. Soon, four bags of gold coins were ready for them. “I can carry the coins safely,” said Raj.

But before he could continue, Ramesh shouted to stop him. “No. Don’t; if you take those coins, you will be in trouble. They belong to someone else. He will come after us,” he warned. “Oh, you coward; You can’t stop us from enjoying our fortune. You are here with us only because we pitied you,” sneered Raj.

“Then please let me stay on this side of the bridge. I don’t want any part of your treasure,” said the scared Ramesh. He ran back to the bridge.

Just as Ramesh reached the middle of the bridge, a group of armed men appeared on the other side. They were the guards of the king who had hidden the treasure there. Seeing the four friends with the bags of gold coins, they shouted and attacked them. Ravi, Raj, and Rohan tried to escape, but the bridge collapsed under their weight. They fell into the river along with the coins and drowned.

Ramesh watched the whole scene from a safe distance. He thanked his common sense and decided to live a simple and honest life.

Morals of the Story:

1. Don’t consider yourself the smartest person on the planet, because just getting education does not make you smarter. You need to learn to use that education sensibly in your life.

2. Even hundreds of years of training is waste, if you do not use the training lessons wisely in real life.

Story of Old Sultan

In a distant village, a farmer lived with his wife and baby. The farmer also had a loyal dog named Sultan, who had grown old.

The poor dog lost all his teeth and could not even bite his food properly. When Sultan was younger, his sharp barks would scare the robbers even from a long distance. But, now with old age, the robbers were not scared of Sultan anymore.

The farmer felt it was time to give up on Sultan. I cannot take care of the Sultan any longer. I am going to abandon him in the forest.

The farmer’s wife said, “How can we do this to the sultan in his old age?”

Sultan listened to this conversation from outside. Then, Sultan went to the forest to confide about his problems in his good friend, the wolf. Wolf felt bad for his friend and immediately came up with a bright idea.

The next day, as usual, the farmer and his wife went to the farm to till the land. Their little baby was neatly placed under the shade of a tree. Sultan was on guard of the little baby.

A Old Dog named Sultan chasing a Wolf who picked Baby Child
A Old Dog named Sultan chasing a Wolf who picked Baby Child

The Wolf came near Sultan and said… Now bark loudly and run behind me. The farmer and his wife left their work and started running behind the dog and wolf. Sultan put his entire might and chased the wolf. They finally stopped inside a dark cave.

Now the wolf said, “Sultan, take this child and go back home. Your keepers will think that you have rescued the baby. They will again begin trusting you.”

Sultan replied, “Thanks, dear friend!”

The farmer and his wife heaved a sigh of relief on seeing Sultan with their little baby. The farmer lovingly patted his dog and said… Forgive me, my dear friend. You will stay with me forever!

Late in the night, the wolf came to visit Sultan.

On his entry, Sultan said, “Hello friend, what brings you here so late in the night? Sultan, what will I get in return for my help? What is that you want?”

Wolf told Sultan, “I am very hungry! Let me eat one of your sheep of your master.”

“What? I cannot do that,” Sultan replied.

Wold said, “If you can’t give me, then I myself might as well snatch it away.”

Sultan warned, “You are not going to get anything. Go away. You can not stop me.

“Hehe….he..he”, while laughing, a wolf ignored Sultan and went towards the sheep.

Sultan said, “I won’t spare you today. How dare you to touch my sheep? Stop right there.” Stop. Stop, you will have to pay for this.”

The Wolf was already ready for this and came up with a plan and instantly called for his friend, the wild boar.

Boar said, “I need to speak with Sultan.”

“Bring him here,” the wolf said to the boar.

Wild boar said to Sultan, “Hey, the wolf has called you.”

Sultan knew that this was not a friendly invitation. Clever Sultan requested his good friend, the cat, to come with him.

From a distance, the cat’s tail seemed to be a sharp sword. Good gracious! Sultan is coming with a sword.

Wild boar retreat and said to the wolf, “I don’t want to die. Let me hide.”

“Huh!! Let me hide as well,” the wolf replied.

The boar hid behind a bush, and the wolf jumped up into a tree.

Sultan didn’t see the wolf and thought that he was still on his way! The cat was carefully looking around and saw something wiggling behind the bush.

The cat sprang upon the bush, hoping to catch a mouse.

The boar jumped up and started running for his life.

Wild boar apologized, “Sultan, please spare me. I am not at fault. The guilty one is up in the tree. He had asked me to come here.”

Sultan asked a wolf, “Huh? What are you doing up there? Come down, for your friend has come to meet you.”

The wolf was embarrassed that he was scared of a dog! Moreover, a sense of guilt enveloped him as he realized how selfish he had become.

The moment the wolf jumped down from the tree, Sultan gave him a friendly hug and the rift between the two instantly disappeared. The wolf apologized for his behavior and promised to be good friends with Sultan again.

Moral of the Story: “An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.”

Rich Brother Vs Poor Brother

In Mangalpur village, there was a small family consisting of a woman named Savita and her two sons. After the sudden death of her husband, the entire responsibility of the house fell on Savita.

She spent her entire life raising and educating her two sons. But when her children grew up, Savita had to take a big decision.

Hey Savita sister, you are here, come inside. What happened, is everything okay?

Brother Shridhar, you know, I have raised both my sons with great difficulty. Now the time has come for them to go to the city and go to college.

But I don’t have enough money to educate both of them further. If one of the sons is not taught, it will be injustice to him. In this situation, what should I do?

You calm down, and tell me who is the smarter one among the two. My Manab is incredibly intelligent. Although Atul also reads well, but Manab is better at reading.

Then again, Manab is the elder of the two and is also smart; you send him to the city to study and keep Atul with you. There is a vacancy in a confectioner I know, I will get him posted there.

Savita gets solace after listening to Shridhar. She sends Manab out to study and puts Atul to work at Ramu Confectioner’s. Atul regretted not being able to study, but he knew the situation at home very well. Therefore, he did not insist at all on studying further.

Days continued to pass like this and after three years, Manab got a job as a junior manager in a big food chain.

Mother, take these sweets, I have got the job for the post of manager in a big food chain company.

Within a few months, Manab gets promoted from junior to senior manager. He takes Atul and Savita to the city.

Mom, my Boss is coming for dinner tomorrow. When I told them that I had brought my entire family here, they were very happy.

Atul said, “Hey, call him, after all we will also meet your Boss.”

Manab said to his mother, “But mother, you are not well, so who will cook the food?”

Atul said, “Don’t worry brother, I have learned a lot of work at Ramu Confectioner’s while you were studying. You see, I will prepare food in such a way that you will lick your fingers along with the food.”

Manab said, “But keep one thing in mind, Atul Boss is the owner of a five-star hotel, so the food should be according to that.

Atul replied, “Brother, don’t worry about all these things, just concentrate on work. See, your double promotion is confirmed as soon as you eat.”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the house burst into laughter.

The next day, Atul prepares many delicious dishes with great effort.

After some time, Atul said to Manab, “Brother, it seems your Boss has come, I will open the door.”

“No, no, you leave it, what will the Boss think about how his brother is dressed, I will open the door,” Manab replied.

Manab further said, “Listen, you stay inside, there is no need to go out much. Atul becomes very sad after hearing this. And without saying anything he goes inside and starts decorating the dining table.

“Come Sir come, good morning Atul,

Good morning sir. Wow, man!! Your house is very beautiful. Where are your mother and brother? I’ll introduce you right away, sir!

Manab called from there, “Mother, oh mother, the Boss has come.”

Manab’s mother Savita coming out, “Hello brother, how are you?

Here Manab, his Boss and his mother were talking to each other, and there Atul was busy preparing food.

Family of Savita having Dinner with Guest Boss of Manab
Family of Savita having Dinner with Guest Boss of Manab

After some time they all came to the dining table to have dinner. Atul’s Boss is very happy to see the table decorated.

One side fork, other side knife and spoon, tissue table cloth, everything was perfect. After eating the food, Manab’s mother asked, “I hope you enjoy the food sir.”

This was great, who made it? The Boss said to Manab’s mother.

The mother replied, “Yes, my younger son Atul.”

Next, the Boss said to the gentleman, “Hey, Atul is at home. You haven’t introduced me to him yet.”

Mother replied, “Sir, that is why he was busy cooking.”

Mother calling her younger son, “Atul… Atul son, please come here.”

“Atul comes out hesitantly.

“Son, you have cooked very good food. Have you taken a cooking course from somewhere?” Praising Boss Atul.

“Oh no sir, he was a servant of a small confectioner in our village, so he makes a lot of money.”

Hearing this from his brother, Atul becomes sad again, and sits down to eat.

Before leaving, Atul’s Boss gives Manab an offer.

Praising Atul, the Boss said to sister Savita, “It was fun eating the food. Atul had taken full care of not only the food but also the table decoration.”

The Boss further said, “Savita ji, if you don’t mind, I would like to tell you one thing.”

“Your son Atul is very talented and we need a new chef. Atul said he would like to do the job of head chef.”

Manab replied to the Boss and said, “But Sir Atul has not taken any formal degree in this, he just does a little bit like this.”

The Boss said, “No matter the degree, sir, only taste and hygiene are number one and nothing else.”

The Boss said to Atul, “Atul, tomorrow you come to the office with the gentleman, and prepare a dish and serve it to us.”

Atul is very happy to hear this, but Manab does not like this at all. The next day, Atul reaches there and starts preparing his dish.

Boss sit for Lunch and brothers Manab and Atul stood on Both Sides
Boss sit for lunch and brothers Manab and Atul stood on Both Sides

“Have this sir, Dal Bati Churma with Italian twist”

Praising Boss Atul again, “Wow, wow very nice, Atul, what a wonderful dish you have prepared. I liked the mint flavor in it very much.

“Did you like its sir? “Can I taste?” Manab asked hesitantly.

“Hey, this is very good. Then,” Manab also praised this dish.

The Boss asked, “Why are you surprised?” The Boss looked at Manab angrily.

“What happened sir? I didn’t understand anything.” Manab asked, pretending to be ignorant.

Now will you tell this thing yourself? Or should I tell?

“That Atul, I had asked the chef of this restaurant to add salt and pepper in your dish, so that you do not get a job here.”

“What?” Atul is shocked to hear this.

Savita sister overheard Manab talking on the phone and had already informed me.

Before the chef could do anything, I gave him a stern warning not to do anything like that.

“But brother, why did you do this?” Atul asks Manab with sad eyes.

I didn’t want you to get as much or more money and lifestyle than me. I wanted you to grow up on my pieces like this.

“You’re fired, sir. I don’t want such self-centered and selfish people in my company,” the Boss told Manab in anger.

Atul took Manab’s side and said, “No sir, don’t do this, my brother is not bad at heart, don’t fire him.”

Look, sir, you haven’t done anything to make your brother look bad, but still Atul loves you so much.

Manab apologized to both of them, “Forgive me sir, and if possible, you too forgive me Atul.”

Manab realizes his mistake. After this incident, both of them started living happily together with their mother.

Moral of the story: Never work to belittle others, but work for living proudly and independently.

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