Kamala Nehru Parks- 2 Beautiful Parks of India

by May 14, 2022

In India, there were many memorials built in honor of Kamala Nehru. Architectural building includes hotels, Roads, statues, hospitals, Parks, etc. But today here I am only going to two major parks in India named after Kamala Nehru,

Kamala Nehru Park of Pune

One of the popular and entertaining place of attraction is located in the core of Pune city. It is favourite place of fitness lovers. Well maintained long track of jogging encircles entire park. At morning and evening most people came in park for walks, jogging regularly.

As it is inside the city, so close to many schools, hostels, and colleges. Hence, you can find groups of students came to hang out, running, and exercise. Not only the young generation but also it is a good place for all groups.

Kamala Nehru Park is at the walking distance from Deccan Gymkhana. So for people who like complete silence, it is not for them. Because, at last it is at a walking distance from the heavy traffic area.

Kamala Nehru Garden in Pune, Image Credits: Deepak Patil, Source: Wikimedia

Still inside park at some spots, you would easily find less noise. Combination of tall trees, lawn, herbs made environment beautiful. Lining path decorated with well-cut shrubs.

Lush greenery in a park with properly trimmed lawn gives you a relieving ambience.

Childrens feels more enthusiastic because of the open playground. The park management has taken care of visitors with lots of seats. Place to place, they arranged comfortable seats for people.

Some seats are benches made of wrought iron or wood. Remaining benches made of cement concrete. Most seating arrangement is underneath dense and tall trees. Hence, the shadow of trees keeps seats cool during the hot season.

Kamala Nehru Park or Boot Park at Malabar Hill in Mumbai

Boot House in Kamala Nehru Park of Mumbai
Boot House in Kamala Nehru Park of Mumbai, Image Credits: 25 Cents FC, Source: Wikimedia

It is a real soothing place for everyday busy people. Hence you will see maximum crowd at the weekend. We can also see family men and women with their children. On the other hand, older people like to came to the park for a walk.

Some people just came to spend a peaceful time away from a busy life. Because it is one of the soothing place that encourages your mind to feel refreshing energy within you.

Lush greenery in a park with properly trimmed lawn gives you cool ambience. Anyone can take advantage of a place to even meditate or read a book.

From my experience, many people also choose the park to catch up to chit-chat. Park is also popular in fitness freaks, they use these areas for fitness activities.

Additionally, I like to mention that some fitness brands also organize this park for fitness workshops. Moreover, if the participants are celebrities, then it obviously draws crowd. The park is covered with over 500 trees and out of them, 200 trees are old.

In the middle of the concrete jungle, this park providing that comfort to the hearts of people. Every person when came from city enjoys that natural breeze and greenery.

The park also has colourful flower beds that add a vibrant touch to the attraction.
The park also enriched with flowers and chirping of birds. This natural touch added a vibrant feeling for visitors to come.

When children came to the park, then they feel special. Because they the park has slides, swings, see-saw, and jungle gym, where children can play. It also has a fountain and real aircraft (MARUT HF24) which is unfunctional. It kept there to attractiveness of the park.

HAL HF-24 Marut (IAF) in Kamla Nehru Park of Pune, Image Credits: Deepak Patil, Source: Wikimedia

Speciality at both parks

Available snacks venders

Both parks have popular street foods stalls just outside the park. There you can get Ragada Pattice, Chaats, Bhel Puri, and other available snacks like Roasted corn, Pakoras. They also ​have snacks like Vada Pav, Samosas, etc.

Another good thing is there is not any restriction on bringing snacks inside the Nehru park. One thing you need to keep in mind that, throw the litter of wraps and papers in dustbin.

Enough food shops

There are lots of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops nearby. So it’s a big treat for foodie people like mine. 

  • German Bakery Wunderbar
  • Café 96 Garage
  • Le Plaisir
  • Raviraj Restaurant
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Spring Onion Pune
  • Panchavati Gaurav
  • Varhadi
  • Casa Lolo
  • South, etc.

Almost each type of food you can eat in veg or non-veg. You can get from traditional Maharashtrian dishes in restaurants. You can also go to international cuisine to try fusion foods. Ultimately, there is something for everyone that will suit to that person.

As Kamala Nehru Park in middle of Pune city, it considered as a prime part of the city. If you like to explore places, then you can also come to surf around the park location.

Shopping Attractions

Shopping lover would feel lost in awesome shops. Kamala Nehru Park surrounded with Major city attractions including market places and malls.

Malls near the Kamala Nehru Park
  • R Deccan Mall
  • Central Mall
Popular Marketplaces near Kamala Nehru Park
  • Deccan Gymkhana
  • Fergusson College Road
  • Jangali Maharaj Road
  • Hong Kong Lane

Other Nearby Attractions

  • Dagdushet Halwai Ganapati Mandir
  • Shaniwar Wada
  • British Library
  • Vishrambaug Wada​
  • Pataleshwar Cave Temple
  • Kelkar Museum, etc.

Park Open Days & Hours

Park is open all 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

06:00 am – 11:00 pm IST

04:00 pm – 09:00 pm IST

Attractions at Kamala Nehru Park of Mumbai

Natural touch

According to Wikipedia, the park covers an area of approximately 16,000 sq.mt. Such a vast area, fulfill with colorful shrubs, plans and trees, attracts visitors. Sizeable area of lawn gives pleasant experience to visitor.

Combining all above-mentioned features gives that wonderful experience to visitors. The park management isolated the park from the unusual traffic and disgusting crowd. Hence, it feels pleasant for eyes, mind, and for body as well.

Famous Structure- Boot House

Kamala Nehru Park consists of the unique structure known as Boot House. It is a famous attraction among kids and called it as Old Women’s Shoe. This building is present in premises and it exactly looks like an old boot. It also has house on its top.

The design of this architecture took from nursery rhyme. Its title is “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.”

There is stairway in the house which heads to balcony on top of house. We can enjoy surrounding view from there. Kids like this building more than other places inside the park.

There are also some new structures added to the existing beauty of park. All new installations based on current nursery theme. Here are some more features of the park:

  • Railing built like real abacus
  • Rainbow colored amphitheatre
  • Selfie point Minion installation

Different Viewpoints

As it located on height of Malabar Hill, it provides the good view of the Queen’s Necklace on the Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach. It is one of many other reasons people visit this place.

Another big reason people visit the place is it is the best place to view sunset and sunrise. It’s really a memorable experience when we see the entire Mumbai city lights up from the seaside. You can even see the good view of the sunset.

Ticket Fees

Free entry (No ticket required)

How to reach at Kamala Nehru Park?

Pune has a good road network to reach Kamala Nehru Park regardless wherever you live. The park was popular landmark in Erandwane. Hence, reaching the part should be a big issue. Still if you are new in Pune and want to visit the park, then I suggest taking auto-rickshaw or cab.

Going with own car or bike can also be a suitable alternative. But, don’t forget considering go in low traffic hours. Because in peak working hours traffic is usually high. Frequent city buses are available to go in park.

People can go to the bus stand to pick bus with board of Deccan Gymkhana or Erandwane.

How to reach from outside Pune city?

People came from other location of state in state transport buses or railways have to take city bus. 

If you came in bus, then you would land on Pune Station Bus Stand. On the other hand, if you came by railway then you will land in Pune Railway Junction.

According to alldistancebetween.com, distance between Pune Station Bus Stand to Pune Railway Junction is around 6 kilometers. Here is the path from Sadhu Vaswani Road.

If you came via flight, then you have to follow the path given below.

If you came by aircraft, then you might face traffic. One more thing that I like to mention that Kamala Nehru Park is 17 kms from Pune airport.

Featured Image Credits: Deepak Patil, Source: Wikimedia

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