20 Tenali Rama Riddles with Answers in English

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Tricky Riddles For Kids With Answers

Welcome to your Tricky Riddles-1

Little heart, but saves the honor of everyone. But, when she comes on the right, then bites like a prickly thorn!

My hairs are like a broom, have two eyes, and a stone-like head. He has to break his own head and give Ambrosia to others.

My color is like coal, but I help to share the knowledge with others. His fellow white-colored who finish himself, to teach others.

Settled for the entire day but, still in good shape. This kitchen is very sweet, except for which no one can get up.

Sometimes around, sometimes like a white double-edged basket. Without seeing religion, rule on everyone's forehead.

If you see from this point of view, then the world will be colorful. Remove it, then the real world will be seen.

A stick, to which a number of branches. It is the protector against weather change. Leaving it and going out can be costly in one of the season.

Guarding for night and day, but it does not use for any other work. There will be no entry possible in the house without providing my life partner.

I split for sharing knowledge, but simultaneously I become hollow from inside.

I am the queen of water and my life is in water. I get scared if you touch me, don't take me out otherwise I will die.

Welcome to your Tricky Riddles-2

I am the result of technical science, without me no one can spend their time. I made possible to meet people with each others, but people still don't actually meet. tell me who am I?

What is there in this world that is softer than a wax and sometimes harder than a stone. Something for someone that is dirtier than dirt and for someone that is cleaner than clean water.

This is such a thing that has the power to change the world, but because of the fear of others and due to social prestige, it is not able to move forward.

What is it that cannot be cut by cutting, not burnt by burning, not wet by water, nor dried by wind?

Some say that because of this, seven sounds are heard, then some remain immersed in sorrow due to it, some are playing hard because of it, then some are learning to work hard because of it. Tell me, who am I?

I am the ocean of knowledge. Many decades I have waited, I have gained so much growth and momentum. Nowadays, no matter how hard you try, you cannot pass a single day without my presence.

Creation, Evolution, and Destruction: Together these three means me. This entire world is incomplete without me. Tell me who I am.

I am walking for centuries, but no one knows my age. Still, go on continuously, without getting tired, without fear. No one can escape from me, so no one is more powerful than me. I do not discriminate against anyone, for everyone, I am equal.

If I don't come, drought will scatter the land. If I go on vacation, entire life on the planet will be shattered. If I come, the peacock dances with its wings spread. By my arrival, people get attracted to the fragrance of the soil.

Because of me, any living being can become ruthless. I am the enemy of humans, but they like to be with me. I could ruin anyone's life. I am so strong. If someone's goal, and someone's wish, it remains only a possibility.

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