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by Feb 12, 2022

Introduction to Pushpalata Das

The Indian history and legacy result from the struggles and efforts our freedom fighters put in the fight for independence and freedom. These legends are long dead, and the only way to credit them is to remember and cherish their contribution to the freedom of India while they lived. And in that connection, we are back again with another amazing story about a female legend called Pushpalata.

This post outlines the important and interesting facts related to Pushpalata Das, such as his personal information, education and career, achievement, awards, and other essential information. Please note that all the information and facts outlined here result from extensive research from various trustable sources. This gives you quality and reliable information to help with your exam questions.

Brief Information

IdentityFemale Freedom Fighter
BirthOn the 27th of March, 1915 at North Lakhimpur, Assam (India)
OccupationSocial Worker and Independence Activist
ParentsMother: Swarnalata, Father: Rameswar Saikia
SpouseOmeo Kumar Das
ChildrenOne daughter
AchievementsChairperson of Khadi and Village Industries Commission
AwardsTamrapatra Freedom Fighter Award, Padma Bhushan Award
DeathThe 9th of November, 2003 (88 years)

Birth & Early Life

Pushpalata Das was born on the 27th of March 1915 in North Lakhimpur, Assam (India). His parents’ names were Swarnalata and Rameshwar Saikia. She was born and raised in tough conditions when the British administration was still ruling India, hence her toughness.

Since her childhood, she has been an extrovert and always did things independently. She had this belief from childhood that being independent was a key step to freedom and success. Even though she loved doing her stuff alone, she was socially active and pretty confident.

Her mother was a supportive pillar and always instilled positive vibes in her. At six, she had already developed enough courage to get into the streets and started joining various movements. During her childhood, she joined a group of children called Vanar Sena. Vanar Senar was a group of young rebels who led a resistance against the British Administration. This group was also known as the monkey brigade.

Because of full support from her mother, she developed a fierce hatred for British governance and took a pledge for independence and freedom. Since then, Pushpalata was always in the frontline during the struggle for independence in India.

Right from her childhood, she had faith in women. She was a courageous and intelligent girl.

Education & Marital Life

Just like any other young lady, Pushpalata went to school. Pushpalata went to school at Panbazar Girls school. Pushpalata started her political journey right from her schooling days. At some point. Pushpalata got suspended from school. By then, she was 14 years old. Her suspension from school was because she attempted to mobilize a protest against the order to hang Bhagat Singh, a prominent freedom fighter then.

Even after being suspended from school, she kept doing private studies and made sure that she did well in the Matriculation exams. She then proceeded to the Banaras Hindu University to pursue her intermediate course. Pushpalata did well and enrolled for a Master’s degree from Andhra University. She majored in political science. Pushpalata did not stop there. She went to study law at the Earle Law College located in Guwahati. In 1940, Pushpalata was elected the secretary-general of the college. However, she was later imprisoned, and that is how her law studies were interrupted.

Later on, Pushpalata met Omeo Kumar Das and fell in love. Omeo Kumar was a prominent social worker and a dedicated Gandhian. Her relatives were against the union, but Pushpalata never changed her stand. In 1942, they tied marriage knots and settled in Tezpur.


Heroes are described by their achievements. Pushpalata was a freedom fighter dedicated to resisting the British administration and seeing that India returned its freedom and independence. As a normal person, she made several achievements during her tenure. These I will list below.

  • She managed to become the leader of the Khadi at the age of 6. This was way too young for a lady to start involving herself in the struggle for freedom.
  • In 1940, she managed to assume the position of a university secretary
  • She was the chairperson of the village industries commission.
  • After marriage, she went back to Assam and established two organizations, Mrityu Bahini and Shanti Bahini.
  • After India got its independence, she joined the Rajya Sabha and held the position for a decade.
  • In 1958, she won the elections to join the Congress Working Committee.
  • In 1967, she managed to grab the position to represent India National Congress, a position her husband had just vacated.

Significant Moments of Life

Everyone has one or two moments in their lives that they consider very important. Pushpalata also did have a few significant moments, which I will list here.

  • When she joined the Vanar Senar, this moment here marked the start of her political journey.
  • The time when got married to one of the most prominent social workers in the country marked the beginning of a new life as a married woman.
  • When Pushpalata became a member of the National planning committee, a moment that allowed her to interact with senior people in the National legislative assembly
  • While she served her suspension from school, she went and did her private studies and still passed the exams.

Interesting Facts

Pushpalata was a very interesting personality. That is why she is still celebrated in India today. Some of her most interesting facts include:

  • She was an independent lady

Even after they expelled her from school, she did private studies and still managed to do well in her exams.

  • She was fearless despite being a woman

Regardless of being a child, she managed to join the children’s rebellion movement known as Vanar Sena.

  • She was strong and enduring.

Despite her being severely jailed for being rebellious, she never gave up on her dreams and her ambitions.

Awards & Honors

The Government of India honored her with the Tamrapatra Freedom Fighter Award. However, she did not accept the award. She explained that she did not expect to be rewarded for participating in the struggle for independence.

In 1999, she received Padma Bhushan’s third highest civilian honor from the government of India.


Pushpalata passed away on the 9th of November 2003. She died at the age of 88 years. The exact cause of her death is not well revealed. However, it is believed that due to her old age, a lot of sicknesses were attacking her and she later succumbed to them.


Pushpalata was an intelligent lady who was always determined to help her country in the best way she could. You don’t have to leave behind a lot for legacy. She participating in the struggle for independence is enough legacy. In addition, she was a woman and still had the courage and audacity to join other freedom fighters to fight the British administration.

Also, she managed to publish a book that took her almost 80 years to compose and release.


There’s are no reliable sources briefing about any memorial established in honor of the late freedom fighter Pushpalata despite her continued struggle for independence. However, her legacy achievements still line in the minds of the people of Assam.

Last Words

Indeed, Pushpalata deserves to be celebrated for her dedication and selflessness during the struggle for India’s independence. We salute the sacrifice she made to see her nation regain its freedom again. She served her nation until her last days.








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