Puli Thevar History in English

Hello everyone, welcome to our encouraging world, today I am going to tell you the story of southern tiger named Puli Thevar. Puli Thevar History in English would give you his life history. So without wasting time lets start.

IdentityTamil Polygar who ruled Nerkattumseval
BirthSeptember 1, 1715 in Puli Nadu, a part of Pandya Nadu (Nerkattumseval)
Death1767 CE in Tamil Nadu

Puli Thevar History:

Before the Indian revolt of 1857, Mangal Pandey was the one who violently fought against Britishers. After that Puli Thevar flew away the sleep of Britishers. Tamil Nadu was region where kings like Raja Raja Cholan ruled to save Dharma.

Likewise, during reign of Puli Thevar was taken as synonym for tiger in Tamil Nadu. He was Hindu revolutionary, also he was devotee of Mahadeva (the god of destruction). He bought Adharma to their knees. He believed that each revolutionary work became successful because of mercy of his favored god Mahadev.

He was knowledgeable in politics and proficient warrior. He had that fire that require to revolt against strong enemy. It is said that, no single thing can happen against destiny. Destiny of Puli Thevar was to rebel against Adharma of Britisher.

He belongs to martial community. The Islam soldiers of Arkot Nawab made alliance with British force. Perfidiously Muslim army captured him while he on the way to Sankaran Kovil temple. Deliberately he taken via main villages and town to feel ashamed. In addition, muslim forces left him in temple for some time before they took him to court.

Puli Thevar History after that is completely unknown. But, prevailing story of Puli Thevar was in acquiescence is that, in temple he prayed and sang the hymns to lord Mahadev. Then, soldiers outside the temple heard the breaking noise of heavy chains. So, few soldiers came inside to see what is happening inside. Soldiers see inside in quite unbelievable as they only saw broken chains. Puli Thevar was nowhere inside the temple.

As temple is encircled with Muslim army, though nobody saw him. So, people say in vogue compliance that, lord himself taken him to Kailash.

Puli Thevar was the man who never bow down to British-Muslim rulers. As a human being he always followed Dharma which include commitment. He stuck to commitment till last breath.

In contrast, when we came to History written by victorious Britishers. Then, British historians made him a maligned through their misleading literature.

True story remained hidden for long time till late 1760. After that even in secular Indian culture his truth never came in front. I am really sure that you won’t heard his story before. That is why, I am here to introduce before you the real heroes of India. So, let’s enjoy the valor of Puli Thevar.

Puli Thevar statue at Nerkattumseval fort
Image Credits: Rajasubash

This was the time of 1736 when Arcot Nawab Mohammed Aley annexed his kingdom to the Madura situated in Tamil Nadu. Hindu poligars of region were not ready to accept sovereignty of Arcot Nawab and pay taxes to him. As a result, they came in conflict with British-Muslim armies.

Because, Arcot Nawab made union with Britisher which was foreign invaders. That is why their side was belong to Adharma.
On the other side, poligars also allied together to deny the rule of Mohammed Aley in approximate 20 years. The group include about 77 poligars.

Poligars used to live in stronghold surrounded with dense forest. Their strongholds were armed with gun carriages, ammunitions. Those poligars attacked on Mohammed Aley’s army many times.

Prowess of the Hindu poligars resulted the Mohammad to take shelter of Britisher. He bow-down to British and become their slave. Britisher was already waiting for such opportunity to grab land of Trichinapally and Cape Comorin. Without having complete knowledge about Poligars, unbeknownly they made sending large military. As they eventually had to regret taking this action.

British officers took action and send large military with commander Colonel Heron and Mohammed. British army begin to destroy everything coming in their path including home of people, villages, farms, temples and shrines. The commander Colonel Heron was skilled to use deceit to fight poligars and trap them. Poligar Kattabomman was the powerful ruler of Panjalakurichi region. In addition, he refused the demand of the full taxes.

Perfidious techniques of Heron resulted in surrender of Kattabomman along with his associates and relatives. After surrender of strongest poligar Kattabomman, Britisher assumed that they won the battle. Therefore, Heron sent his army to their military base.

But, while on the way Heron get an idea to make poligar of Nelkattumseval to bow down. Because, Poligar of Nelkattumseval was the Puli Thevar who influenced many poligars to rebel. Hence, though he was owner of small region, British officer thought that Puli Thevar would be crucial poligar.

As he was very famous among poligars due to his able administration and warfare skills. Taking action on the idea, they attacked several times on Nelkattumseval.

First Siege of Nelkattumseval:

British officer Heron demanded for the money as dominant power over him. However, after Puli refuse to pay taxes they attacked on his fort in 1755. Detective of Puli Thevar was the interpreter of Heron, who gave the important information that Britishers had short heavy artillery. Therefore, Thevar continue the further defense of fort.

But, eventually the Heron managed the attack with massive heavy bombardment on fort. But, strong and thick walls of fort would not break.

After conceiving the fact that they could not invade the fort, then they sent their messenger asking the tax of 20,000. Here, Puli already understood the game of Britishers. Hence, he replied with message,

“I don’t have that much earning….besides, I know the value of money. So, you don’t expect me to pay even a rupee”

This humiliating defeat at Marvar resulted the Britishers to retreat. This defeat was crucial making union of poligars. It resulted in foreigners to pay taxes before 1763. The victory of Puli Thevar filled courage in other poligars to join the revolt against Britisher. Soon they also join the battle under leadership of Puli Thevar.

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