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Hey everyone, I’m again back with another fantastic life story of one of the greatest politicians to ever grace Indian soil. Dr. ND Patil was a prominent Indian politician. Narayan Dyandeo Patil were his full names.

IdentityProfessor, Principal, MLA, Chairman of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha
Full NameNarayan Dnyandev Patil
BirthdateJuly 15, 1929
BirthplaceDhavali (Nagav), Dist- Sangali, State- Maharashtra
EducationM. A. (Economics) in 1955 from Pune University

L. L. B. in 1962 from Pune University

D. Lit. Degree by Kolhapur University, Swami Ramanand Tirtha University & Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
WorkTeaching field:

Professor & Chief & Rector of ‘Procure and Learn Scheme’ at Chhatrapati Shivaji College of Satara- 1954-1957

Principal at Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Islampur- 1960

Education field:

Member of the First Advisory Committee- 1962

Senate Member of Shivaji University- 1965

Executive Member at Shivaji University- 1962-1978

Dean of Sociology Department at Shivaji University- 1976-1978

Member of the Managing Council of Rayat Shikshan Sanatha – since 1959

Chairman of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha – since 1990

President of Dakshin Maharashtra Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Belgaon – since 1985

Political work:

Joined the Peasant Workers Party- 1948

General Secretary of Mumbai Mill Workers Union- 1957

Member of Maharashtra Legislative Council for 18 years from 1960-66, 1970-76, 1976-82

General Secretary of Peasant Workers Party- 1969 – 1978, 1985 – 2010

Minister of Government, Maharashtra State- 1978-1980

Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (Representative of Kolhapur Constituency)- 1985-1990

Convening Democratic Alliance Government
Member of Maharashtra State Boundary Question Committee and prominent leader of Border Movement- 1999-2002
Awards & AchievementsBhai Madhavrao Bagal Award – 1994

Swami Ramanand Tirtha University, Nanded – D.Litt degree, 1999

National Seed Corporation (Chairman) Government of India – 1998-2000

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University – D.Lit.Degree, 2000

Chairmanship of Parbhani at Vicharvedh Convention – 2001

Shivaji University, Kolhapur – D.Lit.Degree
Shahir Pundalik Farande Award
Books & WritingsUpper Limits on Agricultural Land and Regressive Government of Maharashtra Act (Booklet) 1962

Congress Government and Loot of Farmers (Booklet) 1962

Guarantee of affordable prices for agricultural commodities and nationalization of wholesale trade (booklet) 1963

Rising Inflation and Consumer Saseholpat (Booklet) 1966

Krishnaswarup of Maharashtra Government’s White Paper 1967 (booklet)

Pleading of Affordable Price of Agricultural Commodities (Book) 1970

After all, this education is for whom? (Booklet) 1992

Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shinde (booklet)

Ninth Thought Conference Parbhani, Presidential Address, 2001 (Challenges Facing Indian Democracy in the Neo-Imperialist Era)
DeathJanuary 17, 2022

Introduction of Dr. N D Patil

Dr. ND Patil chaired and managed PWP (Veteran Peasants and Workers Party. Many knew him as a good leader and always fought Notable for the cause of ranchers and the underestimated areas.

Narayan Dyandeo Patil passed on Monday 17th February 2022 because of an Age-related infection in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Reports show that Dr. N D Patil died of a brain stroke linked to old age.

He’s said to have died at the age of 92 years. That was pretty old enough. No wonder he developed a brain stroke.

Dr. N D Patil Birth and Early Life

Narayan Dyandeo Patil, popularly known as Dr. N D Patil, was born on 15th July 1929 In Dhavali in Sangli District.

Narayan Patil came from an impoverished background for those who don’t know. His father was an illiterate farmer, which gave Dr. N D Patil a deficient and unstable background.

Dr. N D Patil was brought up very morally, and he grew up into a very respectable and well-behaved man. His childhood was no more but the ordinary life of a poor farmer’s son. He was well cultured and did well in his studies.

One of his most outstanding values was kindness and love for everybody. He
Luckily, Dr. Nd Patil managed to go to school, and of course, with the help of his poor parents, he got through his education successfully.

For your information, Narayan Patil was a master’s in economics. He attended Willingdon College, where he successfully attained his Master’s degree in Economics.

Educational Background

He got an M.A. degree in Economics from Willingdon College, Sangli. He additionally finished L.L.B. from Pune University. This he attained immediately after getting his M.A. In economics.

He filled in as a teacher at Chhatrapati Shivaji College, Satara. Likewise, he was the Chief and Rector of the ‘Procure and Learn Scheme.’

Dr. N D Patil was a student of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, an institution established by Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil to spread literacy among Bahujans. Patil proceeded to lead for over half-decade.

He has been a piece of every fomentation held in Maharashtra right from the opportunity development. He was not just the observer of Maharashtra’s socials, political, efficient growth in the most recent 70 years, yet was a dynamic member.

In 1960, he filled in as head at K.B.P. College, Islampur. While working at Shivaji University, he has filled in as an individual from different councils like the First Advisory Committee.

He was an individual from the Senate. He is likewise previous Dean of humanism Department, Shivaji University Kolhapur.

Marriage and Family

Like any other average man, Dr. Patil got Married to Sarojmai Patil. As expected, Patil and Sarojmai were blessed with sons. By God’s grace, Patil could see his grandchildren before he passed on.

There’s little that has been publicized about N D Patil’s family. However, he was a responsible father and husband.

Patil was always working hard to ensure his family did not lack anything. He grew in poverty and thus did not wish his sons to grow under the same circumstances.

Patil was a good family man and a strong pillar in society. He was constantly fighting and representing his people, especially those who were less privileged. That made him the favorite to everyone.

His traits as a responsible man saw him ascend many positions as a leader. N D Patil was a typical definition of a man of the people. He loved people, and people loved him back.

Sickness and Death

Much has not been revealed about his sickness. However, it is believed that N D Patil died of a brain stroke. Brain stroke has severally been linked to old age.

N D Patil was at 92 years when he fell sick. The medics have put him under medical care since 11th January 2022.

The doctors confirmed the positive of Hypoxia. They diagnosed his general body oxygen supply under the average tissue level.

Scientifically, the brain controls and initiates every process in the body, probably linked ot old age. Reports have it that the medics ignored advanced treatment procedures. They only implemented a supportive treatment program on him.

Stories have it that Dr. N D Patil contracted the deadly covid-19 Virus and survived it despite his advanced age. This clearly shows that he was indeed a fighter. Dr. N D Patil is being

On the fateful evening of Monday 16th January 2022, The medics confirm him dead in a private health facility in Kolhapur. His wife, children, and grandchildren survive him.

Dr. N D Patil’s Net Worth

We do not have reliable information about his net worth. However, considering his many occupations and professions, he must have been rich.

He was a man of privacy and always humble. It was difficult to tell his net worth since much of his private was behind the scenes. He was a public figure, but publicity and show-offs were never on his favorite list.

N D Patil was much concerned about the well-being of the people around him and not about himself. He was a significant individual in the government and was once a national government minister.

Interesting Facts about N D Patil

People knew him for his excellent leadership as the president and chairman of the Peasants and Workers Party. His political journey started from being a newspaper vendor.

He launched a fierce critic of the NCP party despite its leader being a close relative. His genuineness and honesty pushed him into fighting and opposing the party.

His unashamed, clear, and sharp pundit of the decision class came from his enduring responsibility and genuineness.

No protocols could hold him from entering Mantralaya, neither did he need any arrangement to get into the ministers’ lodge. He was just unstoppable when fighting for people’s rights and justice.

Despite his family being poor, Dr. N D Patil worked so hard and achieved a lot during his lifetime. His father was an illiterate farmer.

However, he made sure he got a Master’s in Economics and even attained many academic certifications. He did not let his poor background intimidate him.

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