Lord Krishna- Quotes, Names, Facts, Stories

by Mar 26, 2022

Today I am sharing a wonderful personality that is believed as the supreme personality of Godhead. He is none other than Lord Krishna, who was born in Dwapar Yuga. He called with various names like Kanha, Kanhaiya, Nand Lal, etc.

Though science has achieved great success in the previous century. Now, we are in 21st century, there was so much yet to reveal of the historical era. One of the divine personality that worth to know is Lord Krishna.

As we all know, Krishna Janmashtami is coming on August 18, 2022. We celebrate the festival of Janmashtami fervency. So it makes sense to know about Lord Shri Krishna.

Introduction to Lord Krishna

Krishna (also pronounced as Kṛṣṇa) was a famous heroic figure and King of Dwaraka Nagari during ancient times. According to Hindu scriptures, that period is called “Dwapar Yuga.” Indians considered him as the most prominent hero of Hindu mythology.

Places where Krishna lived

People believe Krishna lived in different places throughout his lifetime. He was born in Mathura and brought up in Gokula. Then, the people of Gokula migrated to Vrindavan. When Krishna became 16 years old, he again moved to his birthplace, Mathura.

He became king of Mathura but to safeguard his subjects from the repeated invasions of demons; he migrated his capital to Dwaraka. Dwaraka was the place where he spent most of his lifetime.

Birth of Lord Krishna

Religious beliefs about Krishna

According to the Hindu religion, he was the eighth human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sources thoroughly described his most life adventures in the Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita, Harivamsa, and the Puranas. 

Hindu religious people believe he is the Supreme Godhead and creator of the universe. Hindu sacred books tell about the adventures of Ancient tales of Krishna. He used to collaborate with Pandavas.

Friends of Krishna

Mostly, his stories involve his friends, Arjun and Draupadi. Also, the stories of Krishna and Sudama are famous among religious people.

Weapons of Krishna

Another thing Krishna recognizes for his destructive weapons. He used to make use of “Sudarshan Chakra” and “Kumaud Gada” during the war. People believe that he defeated thousands of terrible monsters in his lifetime.


Why Krishna is mostly called as Lord Krishna?

According to Hindu mythology and scripture, Krishna was most important incarnation among ten Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu. Some Hindu scriptures also mentioned, Krishna as the primary form of Supreme God. Hence, Krishna is often called as Lord Krishna.

How is Lord Krishna pictured in Hindu mythology?

People accepted many forms of lord Krishna, which were part of Krishna Leela.When Krishna was a child, he called as “Balakrishna.” That form depicted as crawling on his knees and hands. Because of his childish acts with innocence, it is most loved form, especially among Indian mothers.

When he grew as further, he continued with more pranks. One picturesque form of Krishna is during stealing butter, he caught by mother Yashoda. Another popular form is while Krishna playing flute and every living entity gets attracted to pleasant notes of flute.There were actually lots of forms that can be pictured. But above are the most famous ones.

What made Lord Krishna so interesting?

Unique personality, his childhood pranks which are called Krishna-Leela, impactful teachings via literary sources like Bhagavad Gita, different names, excelled in 64 Kalas (Arts) and 14 Vidyas (Techniques), Warfare skills, Ras-Leelas, etc.

Why in the most Krishna temples, he is holding a flute?

​When you went to any temple of Lord Krishna, you may have seen him with holding a flute. Now, let us see why Krishna is mostly represented with the flute.First of all, you need to understand that flute is a divine musical instrument.

After referring to many sources, I concluded that there are many statements behind its divinity.According to Hindu mythology, flute emblems time spent by Krishna as cowherd. It depicts the human heart, which if made hollow it became flute.

Flute play of Krishna also represents the person whose heart is home of Lord and Bhakti (devotion) flows from the heart of that person. Therefore, deity of Krishna in most temples is placed with holding flute it in hand.

What is the special in flute play of Krishna?

Flute play of Krishna is one of the unique factor behind his unique personality. When he went as cowherd during his childhood, he used to play the flute.Hindu religious people believe, when Krishna used to play the flute, all living entities including cows, birds-animals, Gopas and Gopis were fascinated.

What are names of prominent wives of Krishna?

According to Vishnu Purana, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana. But according to Harivamsa, instead of Bhadra there mentioned Madri or Rohini as wife of Krishna.

If we look at any historical sources, even with contemporary literature, it is very common to see these variations.

Which is the clan of Krishna?

According to Mahabharata, Yadava was the clan in which Krishna born as incarnation of Vishnu and son of Devaki and Vasudev.

Devaki was the sister of sinful brother named as Kansa who was the king of Mathura.

Why Kansa killed 7 childrens of Vasudev and Devaki?

We believe that Kansa heard the Akaashvani (sound radio from Sky) that 8th son of sister named Devaki would kill him. So, after marriage, he kept both Devaki and her husband Vasudev in prison.

According to Purana and Harivamśa, he was the Asura (demon) and he wants to be immortal. After hearing the Akaashvani, he didn’t want to come anybody in his path towards immortality. So, for precautionary reason he had killed all of 7 children of Vasudev and Devaki.

Why Kansa didn’t kill the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev?

Kansa was the cruel demon king of Mathura and he didn’t want to escape any children of Devaki. I would like to tell the answer in story form.

Religious Indians considered the 8th children of Devaki as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So when Krishna was born as child to Devaki at twelve in the night.

Suddenly, climate started changing and Kansa goes into deep sleep. All doors of prison get unlocked, all guards went to deep sleep.

Vasudev crossing Yamuna river

Then, Vasudev kept Krishna in the basket and somehow cross Yamuna river. In the village of Vrindavan, on same day wife of his brother Nanda gave birth to a girl.

Vasudev was in a hurry went to the house of Nanda. After seeing his brother Vasudev, Nanda become so happy. He told Vasudev that he became a father.

But on hearing the story of Vasudev, he became sad. Vasudev said, “Now, I am in a hurry and want you to protect my child. There Kansa will not agree but, I will handle the situation somehow.”

By keeping a stone on the heart, Nanda said, “Brother, there is no doubt I will protect your son. But if you went empty hands, Kansa might harm you and sister. Therefore, we should replace our children, so Kansa will remain unaware of your son.”

Knowing the fact that if he gave his daughter in hands of Vasudev, she will die. Nanda hugs his daughter for the last time and entrusts in hands of Vasudev.

Before morning Vasudev came back with child in hands. In morning all guards became out of sleep and became alert after hearing the sound of baby.

As instructed by Kansa, they tell that news to Kansa. Then, Kansa came to prison and saw the child. Vasudev and Devaki begged before Kansa to escape the child as Devaki has given birth to child girl.

Vasudev continued, “As per Akaashvani, eight sons of Devaki might kill him. But my eighth child was not son, she was girl. The Akaashvani you heard was fake. You already taken the life of my seven children. So, for sake of god, please leave my last daughter.”

In the minds of demons, there is indestructible cruelty. Kansa also not listened to anybody and was about to kill that newly born girl.

How did Kansa come to know that Krishna is the 8th son of Vasudev and Devaki & alive in Gokul?

While killing 8th girl brought by Vasudev, that girl was Yoga maya. She went into original form and told Kansa that your time had already taken birth and was safe in Gokul, then she gets disappeared. This is how Kansa comes to know that Krishna is 8th son of Vasudev and Devaki and is alive in Gokul.

Kansa sent which Asuras (demons) to kill Krishna?

It is said that universe runs with two types of people. First are good people, and others are bad ones. People believed that crime rate is risen significantly in this era. But is that true only for this era?

According to Hindu mythology, there were four eras. First one is Sat Yug, the second is Dwapar Yug, the third is Trita Yug, and last one is Kal Yug.

As era changes, amount of virtuous people decreased significantly. So, eradicating demonic people, Lord Vishnu used to take the birth in human form.

“यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत।
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्।।”

Meaning of Shloka

Lord Krishna says in this verse, “Whenever there is a decline of Dharma on this earth, there is destruction and development of Adharma, then I come to this earth and take incarnation.”

Lord Krishna is also one of such form of Lord Vishnu. The aim of this form was to vanish the earth from demons and second important reason was the establishment of Dharma.

34 Lord Krishna Quotes

Bala Krishna playing in Gokul

“Wherever there is pride, there is no love, and such people cannot satisfy Krishna.”

“Love is the only way you can achieve me and there I will happily help you in the process of achievement.”

“Person who sees the action in inaction and inaction in action that person is smart.”

Don’t be fear. Because what is not real is that was never and ever will be. Similarly, what is true is that always be there and cannot be destroyed.

“People who work for goodness would never have a terrible ending. It doesn’t happen in past and never happened in the future.”

“Lust, greed and anger are the three gates of self-destruction, which indirectly take you to hell.”

“Man is the product of his beliefs. Whatever he believes, he becomes.”

The Limiting the desires is the key to happiness.

Do whatever you want, but not with envy, lust, and out of ego. Instead, put politeness, love, compassion, and devotion to work.

The mind is the best friend of person who conquered his mind. Similarly whoever failed to control it, for such person mind is their greatest enemy.

External world is not the factor that influence the state of mind of person.

Why are you scared? And what are you worried about? Who can take you to death? All these questions are meaningless. Because, soul is not born and it will never die.

Whatever happens is for the good. So do not worry about the future and always live in present.

Keep your mind busy with work. Do not hope for rewards and never be pride on success.

Bhakti (Devotion) is far more times superior than materialistic happiness.

Bhakti (devotion) is the only way which comes to me.

You may be best at something for your time. But you cannot be best forever. So try to be good at something.

If any person feels the sorrow and joy of other people, then such person has highest level of spiritual union.

Always value your time, because time only goes on and on, but never comes back.

All types of killers are less superior in front of time because it is the final one and nothing is left in front of time.

Silence, gentleness, purity, self-restraint, and peacefulness. These are the five disciplines must be for the mind.

Do your essential duty, because action-taker is always better than idle one.

Humans are fickle-minded. Hence, mind won’t obey your brain every time. So whenever it misbehaves, make use of dictionary brain to bring back to an equivalent position.

I’m in each particle of the universe.

You may think the happiness from senses is as sweet as nectar, but at the end it will be sour like toxin at the end.

Nothing happens without reason. Everything happen on the planet has a reason behind it.

Belief in Krishna is the safest and exquisite way.

Krishna hasn’t made a mistake when he created you. Always see yourself as Krishna sees you.

We cannot be defeated, till one gives up from his heart.

Soul always tries to maintain its purity.

Bodily desires are not bad, but you should know that it’s not permanent.

When a person rejects to look at the light of knowledge, the punishment is the only compassion suitable for such person.

Bodily desires never satisfy, so its duty of every person to self-realization of soul.

Life without Lord Krishna is like words without emotions, prayers without devotion, echo without resonance, flowers without fragrance, and existence with no goal. Ultimately, world seems without a soul.

– Lord Krishna

Life without Lord Krishna seems like prayers without devotion, words without emotion, followers without fragrance, Echo Without resonance, existence without a goal, world without soul.

Lord Krishna 64 names & its meaning of Krishna

Krishna having dinner with friends in forest
1. Ananta- Lord who doesn’t have end41. Parthasarthi- Charioteer Of Arjuna
2. Anantajit- forever victorious Lord42. Paramatma- Celestial supreme soul
3. Achyuta- Veracious lord43. Ranchod- The man who runs away from the battleground
4. Aparajeet- The Lord who cannot be defeated ever44. Shyamasundara- Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings
5. Ajanma- One who was not born or unborn45. Sanatana- The Eternal Lord
6. Aniruddha- One who cannot be blocked46. Shantah- Lord, who is calm
7. Balakrishna- A child Krishna47. Svargapati- Lord Of Heavenly world
8. Bhaktavatsala- One who loves and uplift their devotees48. Upendra- Brother Of Indra
9. Chaturbhuja- Chatur means four and Bhuja means hands, so the lord who has four hands49. Vallabh- Cowherd
10. Damodar- In Sanskrit, Dam means rope and Udar means belly. Ultimately, one whose belly was tied by the pure love of mother Yashoda.50. Vitthal- One who stands on the brick
11. Dvarkapati- King and protector of Dwaraka Nagari51. Vasudevaputra- Son of father Vasudeva
Devakinandana- A son of mother Devaki52. Vaikunthanatha- Lord Of Vaikuntha Dhama
12. Govinda- The one who gives happiness to nature and cows53. Vardhamaanah- Lord who doesn’t have any form
13. Gopala- One who plays with Cowherd friends54. Vishnu- Lord of the Universe who maintains the world
14. Gopinath- Lord of the Gopi55. Vishwakarma- A creator of the Universe
15. Giridhaar- He who lifted a Govardhana hill56. Vishwarupa- One Who Displays The Universal Form
16. Hari- The one who attracts everything to himself. The one who removes darkness and illusion and removes every obstacle in spiritual progress.57. Vrishaparvaa- Lord Of Dharma
17. Hrushikesha- The Controller or Lord of all senses.58. Vishwamurti- One who has the form of the entire universe
18. Jagadisha- Lord of the entire universe59. Vishwatma- A soul of the universe
19. Jagannatha- Master and creator of universe60. Yashodanandan- A son of mother Yashoda
20. Janardana- One who bestows boons on all61. Yogeshwara or Yoginampati- Lord Of The Yogis
21. Jagadguru- Preceptor Of The Universe62. Yadhunandana- King of Yadu dynasty
22. Keshava- According to the Padma Purana, name indicates the beautiful uncutted hairs of Krishna.63. Yadavendra- The King of Yadava dynasty
23. Kamalanatha- The Lord of mother godess Laxmi64. Yogi- The Supreme Master
24. Kamalanayana- One who has lotus shaped eyes
25. Lakshmikaanta- One who beloved to mother Godess Laxmi 
26. Madhava- Husband of the Goddess of wealth
27. Madhusudan- Assassinator of demon named “Madhu”
28. Mukunda- Giver of liberation
29. Manohara- Beautiful Lord
30. Murali- Lord who loves to play flute
31. Muralidhar- In Sanskrit, Murali means flute and Dhar means hold, so one who holded flute
32. Murlimanohar- One who plays flute and spellbound everyone with its music
33. Narayana- One who gives refuge to everyone
34. Nandalal- Beloved to Nanda
35. Nandakumara​- Son of Nanda
36. Navnitachora- Butter stealer
37. Panduranga- Pandu means white, and Ranga means color. So white lord of Pandharpur Dhama
38. Parampurusha- Supreme Enjoyer of universe
39. Padmanabha- A lord in the navel of whose lotus blooms
40. Purshottama- The supreme soul

Religious Beliefs about the creation of the Mahabharata

Lord Krishna became chariot driver for Arjuna

There can be hundreds of different perception to start the story of Krishna. But to give complete understanding, I would like to start with the author of the book Mahabharata, who is no other than Ved Vyas.

Once, a great sage, Ved Vyas austerities for Lord Bramha. Then Bramha appeared before him and asked him what he wants?

Ved Vyas told Bramha that he had to write a book, but to complete the book, he needed a brilliant person who could write with no interruption.

Lord Brahma told him to go to Kailash and ask Lord Mahadev for a solution. When Ved Vyas went to Kailash, Lord Mahadev told that only Ganesh could help him. So Lord Mahadev sent his son, Ganesh, with Ved Vyas.

Before he wrote the book, Ganesh put the term that if Ved Vyas stops in the middle, then he will stop writing. Then, Ved Vyas also kept the term before Ganesh that he also had to understand the verses before writing.

One more notable thing was while writing, the pen got broken several times. Then, Lord Ganesh took out his teeth and completed the book without interruption.

The Mahabharata book has 18 parts, and it is the most extensive book in history.

Stories of Krishna

Entire life of Lord Krishna was a form of stories that inspire and give teachings. Here I have written some of his life stories that tell us his bravery.

Terror of Putana

Killing the Putana demon

Kansa was one of the leader of demons belongs to Yadu dynasty. Therefore, when he came to know, Krishna would kill him. Kansa sent many demons to kill him.

First demon is Putana, ​she was the devilish witch. She had terrible methods along with the black art in order to kill the babies.

​Putana came into the region of Gokula, she disguise her as a beautiful woman. Putana was the Mayavi demon. She used to find newborn babies with black art.

After killing some newborn babies, she entered into a courtyard of mother Yashoda.

Mother Yashoda thought she might be cowherd and went to see Krishna. As she looks like very nornal woman, no one doubted her movement. ​On entering into house, she found baby Krishna crawling on bed.

Putana sat on bed and take Krishna on her lap. Mother Yashoda and Rohini saw, but she said, “Both of you might be tired, so let me feed the baby.”

In Indian culture, people believe breast feeding as a motherly affection for a child rather than just nourishment. So, even though she was not his mother, as she was offering her milk to a child. Hence, no one doubted her intentions and went back to their work.

Putana take Krishna to the outside in forest and started milking him. Before she went into the house of Nanda. She had smeared a deadly poison on her breasts.

In order to complete her bad intentions, she immediately pushes nipple in mouth of baby. She thought instantly after sucking breast, he would die. But baby Krishna started sucking breast in anger. He didn’t stop until he sucked milk and poison, along with her life.

He sucked the breast to extreme, so Putana fell down. ​​Her body started expanding. Putana opened monstrous awful mouth, spreading wide legs and arms. Also, long hairs scattered on her body. She went in her original form and her body gets expanded.

Her expansion result in crushing trees and pitted land with tremendous sound vibrations on earth, lower and upper planetary system. Now Putana started crying and saying, “Hey Mayavi child, leave me!”

In a while, she began sweating and died of screaming. ​​

On hearing abnormal demonic sound, all people of Gokul came to see what is happened. Also, everyone from Nanda house gathered there leaving their work in middle. All people got surprised seeing gigantic body. People believed that body of Putana was extended to the area of 12 miles.

When Gopis saw baby Krishna playing impavidly on big arms of Putana. They immediately carried him on the waist and took to mother Yashoda.

Then, mother Yashoda and Rohini performed a sacred ritual to protect the Krishna from negative energy.

Thus, the terror of Putana was over.

Krishna killed all demons sent by Kansa and all of them got Sayujya liberation. He did this unbelievable work at Kaumara age. During this age, he killed Putana, Trinavarta, Aghasura, and Bakasura.

People believed, “The demons Mayavi powers and they can able to resize themselves.” So, after demons used to come into normal body size. Hence, after death of Putana she came into normal size body.

Then, the residents of Vraja performed last rites on her body. One more noticeable thing is the death rituals of demons are different from humans. All Vrajavasi performed final rituals accordingly.

According to Hindu scripture, the Putana got the transcendental body. Moreover, she washed off all sins because Supreme Lord Krishna killed her.

Trinavarta- The Demon of Tornado

Killing demon Trinavarta

Kansa sent time to time his fellow demons to kill Krishna. First birthday celebration was one of such event on which Kansa sent his whirlwind demon named Trinavarta. Kansa asked Trinavarta to take body of Krishna, either alive or dead.

​Trinavarta had power to turn his body into a tornado. In order to celebrate birthday, in the Nanda Bhavan, Nanda family has organized the function. Krishna also crawling and playing in the courtyard.

Trinavarta saw the Nanda Bhavan and little Krishna from sky. He made a plan to kidnap Krishna. So he created giant dust tornado to distract people.

Suddenly, atmosphere changed and eyesight of people diminished due to dust tornado. Trinavarta took advantage of the situation and carried the Krishna on his shoulder.

After noticing baby Krishna was not in entire courtyard, mother Yashoda became nervous and started crying loudly.

Trinavarta went in the sky at ultimate height but he didn’t see any fear on face of baby Krishna. Instead, he was enjoying the ride. After some time now, Krishna increased his weight gradually.

The weight on Krishna increased to an extent that Trinavarta could not bear his weight anymore. So he tried him to escape out from grip of Krishna, but Krishna sat on his shoulder with cross legs. Hence neck of Trinavarta gets stuck badly.

Now, the weight of Krishna seems as heavy as the mountain to Trinavarta. Hence, opposite to his desires, he had to stop his whirlwind. He trapped badly in the clutches of Krishna and he started crying loudly.

In a while he fell on ground and his head struck on land and died on the spot. As Trinavarta fell from height, his arms gets smashed. After some time, people of Gokul gathered to see what happened.

People saw baby Krishna was playing on chest of demon Trinavarta. Gopis immediately grab Krishna on side and took him to Nanda Maharaja Bhavan.

Aghasura- A Giant Snake Demon

Cave like mouth of snake demon Aghasura

Once in a forest, Krishna sharing his childhood pastime while walking with all friends. Suddenly one friend saw a cave and said, “What a giant cave? isn’t it?”

Another friend said, “Let’s go through it, it will be really adventurous!”

All friends agreed on it except Krishna and Balaram. Because Krishna knew the truth behind the giant cave. But on request of friends, he went inside the cave.

After a while, all of them came inside. There was dense darkness with an unpleasant smell. Immediately after they came inside, land started vibrating. Actually, it was the tongue of the snake demon Aghasura who closed his mouth. The body of Aghasura was about 8 miles long.

Krishna and his friends went inside his stomach, his friends became unconscious. But Krishna was aware and hence he increased his size and began punching from inside. Each punch of Krishna was a scourge for Aghasura. Hence, he began shouting with his demonic voice.

Though Aghasura was a demon sent by Kansa, he had a relation with previously killed demons. ​Aghasura was the brother of Putana and Bakasura. Hence, he was very impatient to kill Krishna. After extermination of Putana and Bakasura, Aghasura came to take revenge.

Therefore, Aghasura did not swallow defeat, and he started churning his stomach. It was the technique in which he used to crush his prey inside stomach and that is how he used to kill his hunt.

So Krishna started tearing his skin from inside. Now Aghasura went into a situation where his pain became unbearable. Little Krishna teared down Aghasura into two pieces.

This is how Krishna rescued him and his friends. And the fright of Aghasura ended.

Bakasura- The Stork Demon

Fighting Krishna with demon Bakasura

One day in Gokul, Krishna and all cowherd boys coming back from the forest with cows. They saw hill-sized ​big animal which was coming in their direction. When that abnormal animal came near, it seems like a white stork. Its top was as strong as the unbreakable hard stone.

Now boys became afraid of that animal, except Krishna and Balram. He was Bakasura, the demon sent by Kansa. He started screaming loudly in huskily sound. Then suddenly, he attacked on Krishna with an angular beak.

In a while, he picked up Krishna into his beak and swallowed. All other Boys except Balaram get shocked. Bakasura thought he won the battle. But, during swallow his throat felt abnormal and thus coughing, he threw Krishna back.

After failing in his first attempt, now Bakasura began the attack with his sharp beak, but failed. During clash again Bakasura picked in his beak. Now instead of swallowing, he tried to crush inside beak and closed his beak to pinch him.

But Krishna gets a full grip of his beak. Hence, he slowly opened his beak and continued until divided into two pieces.

Hearing the sound loud sound of heron Gokulvasi came there. Balaram and other friends praised Krishna, telling how he killed Bakasura. Hence, the demonic terror of Bakasura ended.

15 Interesting Facts About Krishna

Krishna lifting Gowardhan hill on little fingure
  1. One weird thing about the Mahabharata book is that it was written far before the actual birth of Lord Krishna and the battle of Mahabharata. It is exactly similar to the book of Ramayana, written by Valmiki. Ramayana also believed to be written before it actually happens.
  2. A Krishna believed to have been well-versed in 64 different types of art.
  3. The Radha, which is often carved along with the deity, was not his wife. Despite that, both had good understanding and unconditional love for each other.
  4. It’s time from where the trend of having and making a girlfriend began. Guys generally compare them with Krishna, which I think is not fair. If one has to compare with him, compare with his other qualities, too.
  5. Krishna did not eat onions and garlic in his lifetime and remained a pure vegetarian throughout his life. Because of the Tamasic nature of the onion and rajasic nature of garlic, he completely avoided them.
  6. He had 64,108 wives and among those, he intentionally married to only 8 wives.
  7. We also knew the eight principal queens of Hindu God Krishna as “Ashtabharya.”
  8. He married 64,100 women slaves of Narakasura just to save their dignity.
  9. A Krishna, believed to have lived for 125 years and died with a youthful body.
  10. He killed his maternal uncle named Kansa when he was 16 years old and rescued Mathura from the Tyranny of Kansa.
  11. People believe his soles of the feet have birth signs, including the moon, which denote his clan.
  12. Though he was King, Hindu people believed him as the Supreme God and worship him in temple.
  13. Hindu Mythology depicts the picture of unbelievable and unrealistic adventures of Krishna. It often changes the perception of historians from referring to it as a historical source.
  14. Very few people knew Krishna get Ashta Siddis at Siddhatek. Siddhatek is one of Ashta Vinayak temple in Maharashtra. That is also the reason behind its name.
  15. Once, a big trader named Satrajit appealed firing allegations on ​Lord Krishna of stealing of expensive gem.

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