25 Best Biography Websites List for Students

by Feb 13, 2021

Hello everyone, today I will talk about Top 25 Best Biography websites that provide fantastic information about personalities worldwide.

If you are looking for specific site then, kindly use the following content chart.

We have researched & ranked sites based on how they are performing in the Biography field. We have also considered other metrics like Trust Flow, Global Rank, Etc.

1. britannica.com

Britannica Home page
  • It is one of the Best Storytellers Website available on Google to find many biographies in different fields of life.
  • This website has been serving its audience since 1768 (over 250 years) in a vast range of fields.
    These fields include Pop Culture, Geography & Travel, Health & Medicine, Lifestyle & Social Issues, Education, Entertainment, Literature, Philosophy & Religion, Sports and Recreation, Technology, Science, Visual Arts, History, Politic, Law & Government, Etc.
  • This website has nominated many renowned personalities such as Isaac Newton, Avicenna, Clark Gable, John Ford, Etc. in different categories.
  • This website also allows a search bar for the easiness of the audience. It helps to get any biography instantly on the website. This website also has a feature to participate in website quizzes to check information about any biography.
  • In the biography of any personality, the audience can find all life details with a full description, such as quick life facts, career, role in society, educational background, marital status, death. There are also videos about the biographies on this website.
  • One more interesting feature about this site is; The audience can filter any biography based on “Time”, “National or Cultural Association”, and “Gender”.

2. biography.com

Biography.com Home page
  • This website was founded in 1983 to hear the voice of influencers in societies.
  • This website is currently serving about 335 million readers and more than 550 million users across the globe.
  • This website also aims to feature the best biographies, including their opportunities, life failures, and other life matters in an exciting way to engage the audience with their information.
  • Real-life experiments inspire all the stories, and the audience will not see the fiction side on this website.
    The audience can find History, stories, videos, and complete Biography about various categories on this website.
  • These categories include
  • Black History

This category covers History, culture, stories, and videos about black people.

  • People

 This section covers many persons that the audience may find very interesting, along with their biography in detail.

  • Nostalgia

The audience can find recent stories about their favourite personalities here.

  • Crime and Scandal

The famous or notorious crimes and scandals (such as death mystery, killers, Etc.) about any popular personality might found in this section.

  • Celebrity

The audience can find here about different renowned celebrities’ stories about their life, career or death facts.

  • Video

The audience can also watch the videos of their favourite or interesting personality’s biography in this section.

  • History and Culture

Here, the audience can find exciting stories of extraordinary performances of different celebrities in the biopic.

3. thefamouspeople.com

Thefamouspeople.com Home page
  • This website symmetrically beautifully presents renowned personalities.
  • The audience can also easily search or filter the biographies from the top bar. A search bar supports profession, nationality, gender, celebrities born today, celebrities died today, and zodiac signs.
  • The other main or featured categories of famous people include:

• Historical personalities
• Singers
• Fashion
• Film and theatre personalities
• Social media stars
• Business people
• Scientists
• Writers
• Musicians
• Sportspersons
• Artists and painters
• Dancers
• Activists
• Intellectual and academics
• Criminals
• Leaders
• Inventors and discoverers

  • The audience can find biography details of more than 1,00,000 famous personalities and more than 50,000 lists.
  • Along with having credibility in a niche, this site gains more than 10 million regular visitors every month.
  • The audience can also find famous personalities by checking the “groupings of people”. These are based on U.S. state, personality, notable alumni, ideology, city, disease and disabilities, death cause, era, Etc.
  • Each biography includes the complete details dissected by segments for ease of reading.
    This website is best to sort out the biography of people quickly by searching in the search tab.

4. jagranjosh.com

Jagranjosh.com Home page
  • If The audience want to get some unfiltered information about the biographies of random personalities, the audience can check out this website.
  • This website has launched its “Education Web Portal” to have access to History and general information about a lot of famous personalities along with an educational purpose.
    Jagran Josh is also the number 1 ranking site in India to learn about a lot of current affairs in different fields like renowned personalities, etc.
  • In the category of General Knowledge, the audience can go to History.
  • There are the details of a lot of personalities such as famous personalities of India.
  • According to interest, the audience can find any relevant topic, such as the richest women of the World, list of Pops (from different centuries), Donald Trump, Etc.
  • Also, the audience can find the History of empires (such as the Mughal Empire in India, Gupta Empire) details in the history sections.
  • So, the audience can see the general lists of many topics about the biography of famous personalities in the World.
  • Also, the audience can find some useful videos in the category to learn more about the biographical details.

5. gyanipandit.com

Gyanipandit.com Home page
  • This website is serving its readers across the globe (basically Indians or Hindi people) for the past 6 years (2014).
  • It is also one of the best informational and educational sites in India to get any data about famous personalities’ biography.
  • One interesting feature of this website is that the audience can find the information in the Hindi Language. Very few websites allow this feature for concise information.
  • It features a lot of renowned personalities such as Kapil Punj, Kalpana Chawla, Stephen Hawking, Sushant Singh Rajput, etc.
  • The audience can also sort the biographies according to, “most rated”, “most popular”, “featured”, etc.
  • Also, the audience can find the success stories of different personalities to get inspiration and motivation.
  • All their life details are given in a very perfect way to serve the readers.
  • Along with biography, the audience can also get information about the History, career consultation, and other study materials.
  • This website has also got a handsome number of regular visitors and readers not only from India but across the globe due to its serving the reader content.
  • The editors check all the information before publishing any article and ensure this meets the good research, up to date and latest findings.

6. ducksters.com

Ducksters.com Home page
  • Built-in 2005, this website has diversified its ways to more clear and helpful ways.
  • This website covers a lot of biographies by categorizing them in a usable way.
  • All the articles are written after research, with clear sources to ensure authenticity.
  • The special feature about this website is, they have 100% compliance with the child readings.
  • The audience can find these categories under the section of “biography” on the website.

• World leaders
• Civil rights heroes
• Explorers
• Artists
• Inventors and scientists
• Women leaders
• Entrepreneurs

  • The audience can also find a lot of historical biographies in the following categories:

• Ancient Greece
• Ancient Rome
• Ancient Egypt
• Ancient China
• Middle Ages
• Colonial America
• American Revolution
• Civil War
• World War 1
• World War 2
• Cold War
• Renaissance
• Native Americans

  • Also, they provide much information about “sports biography” and “entertainment biography”.
    The audience can find all the related famous personalities in their respective categories.
  • One more interesting feature about this website is, they also provide an audio format for the corresponding Biography in English.
  • Visitors can check assessment about any personality information. The audience can also try a quiz (linked at the bottom of every biography) and check their scores later after submission.

7. biographyonline.net

Biographyonline.net Home page
  • Biography online has been taking part in writing biographies of many renowned personalities from 2006 to the present day.
  • The founder of Biography Online “Tejvan Pettinger” is serving the reader, especially with modern History.
  • The audience can find the diversified content on this website in categories in various sub-sections for clear understanding.
  • The content is majorly diversified as follows:
  • Biographies

It includes biographies of Inspirational people, entrepreneurs, writers, actors, musicians, military, royalty, sport, politicians, religious leaders, Etc.

  • Women

Here, the audience can find the most influential women in History and the current era. The content is beautifully diversified to further disciplines; such as inspirational, and powerful women.

  • 100 famous

There is a list of 100 most famous personalities from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. These personalities belong to different life fields, such as famous entrepreneurs, actors, singers, Etc.

  • In each biography, the content covers all details about the life events, death cause, and significant roles of the person in society.
  • The contributors have also added decent pictures of each personality in each biography for more clearance.
  • The audience can find quotes & poetry from iconic plus inspirational women of the past and current era on the website.

8. starsunfolded.com

Starsunfolded.com Home page
  • Stars Unfolded is one more website featuring in-depth research of the inspiring social icons since 2013.
  • This website has the origin from India and provides in-depth and authentic research about Indian celebrities and other famous people.
  • The audience can read trustworthy biographies in many disciplines.
  • It includes:
  • Entertainment

Here The audience can find the details of the cast, actors, and crew of Indian T.V. shows and films.

  • Sports

Here The audience may know the biographical details of famous Indian players like cricketers.

  • Missions

This category features the biographical details of entrepreneurs in India.

  • Politician

Here The audience can know biographical details about the famous international speakers and leaders of India.

  • Journalists

This website contains the biographic details of Indian anchors in this category.

  • Each famous biography of personalities is symmetrically described all the real-life details. It may include net worth, bio, age, height, education, affairs, marital status, controversies, death, Etc.
  • Every biography wrote along with relevant images and videos.
  • All the information on the website is cited to authentic websites or sources.
  • A team of more than 20+ persons regularly manages the data on the website to provide The audience with authentic information.
  • The audience can also search for any famous Indian personality according to their interest on the website.

9. sanatan.org

Sanatan.org Home page
  • H. H. Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale founded the Sanatan organization in 1999 to help people worldwide by providing authentic spiritual and religious knowledge.
  • Sanatan is a non-profit organization serving people with spiritual guides. This website explores the continuous journeys of spirituality among the audience with the help of different spiritual paths and personality development skills. The audience can start their spirituality journey on this platform, also with the help of experts.
  • As far as this website deals in biographies in Hindu Dharma, we may see the complete details of Hindu Gods, Hindu Rashtra, and sixteen sanskars.
  • For example, suppose we want to see the biographic details of Shri Ganapati. In that case, this website will further divide the factual data about it.
  • We can see their Worship of Shri Ganapati, Shri Ganapati Vishesh, About Ganapati Idols, Ganapati Festivals, Ganesh tattva rangolis, Temples of Shri Ganapati, Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, Research of Ganapati Idol.
  • The audience can also listen to the relevant audios, videos, and related texts about each biography on this website.
  • Similarly, this website also covers vast content on Sattvik Life.
  • This website is also available in both Hindi and English languages to ease its audience to understand.

10. deepawali.co.in

Deepawali.co.in Home page
  • Deepawali is an Indian blogging website, founded in 2014 by Pawan Aggrawal. and is currently among the top 10 websites in India.
  • It aims to provide useful information about many topics by experienced and expert writers.
    Majorly, this website covers life, festivals, health and beauty, home remedies, informational, general knowledge, entertainment, government schemes, literary, poems, stories, wisdom and poetry, finance, Etc.
  • This blogging website presents all Hindi language content, especially for Hindi speaking countries.
  • Mahabharata Ramayana story (which is the longest epic poem to all others) is also featured on this website.
  • In the biography section, the audience can find all the life facts of famous Indian celebrities, like actors, actresses, religious persons, politicians, and many other social workers.
  • Each biography comprises birth details, physical appearances, education, parents and family information, career details, and death along with corresponding pictures.
  • A lot of famous Indian celebrities have been featured, such as Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, etc. The biographies of a lot of other personalities across the globe have also been featured, such as Elbert Einstein.
  • The audience can explore a lot of biographies depending on their interest in this website.
    Also, the audience can explore famous quotes from each corresponding celebrity.

11. historicnation.in

Historicnation.in Homepage
  • Historic Nation was founded in 2019 to serve the audience with biographies of a lot of motivational personalities of History and the current era of the World. This website combines History along with biopics.
  • In the history section, the audience can find a lot about historical events, like the Inventions of Elbert Einstein, the decline of the Mauryan Empire, Monuments of India, etc.
  • In the section of biographies, the audience can see further categories to find respective personality, such as

• Freedom Fighters

Here The audience can read about the Freedom Fighters of more than 100 of India based on different periods of History, such as the ancient period, the medieval period, British rule period, modern period, etc.

• Social Reforms

In this category, the audience can find renowned Indian personalities, who took a great part in social reforms, such as Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, Swami Vivekananda, Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil.

• Scientists

Here, the audience can find biographical details about renowned scientists, such as Sally Ride, Albert Einstein.

  • The content on this website is presented in multiple languages (such as English, Hindi and Marathi), majorly about Hindi personalities.
  • In each biography article, the information is given in a very comprehensive way, like birthplace and date, religion, childhood, education, and other life facts along with their images.

12. achhikhabar.com

Achhikhabar.com Homepage
  • This blogging website was founded in 2010 by Gopal Mishra to provide useful information about a lot of topics to the readers.
  • These topics include Hindi Quotes, Biographies, Essays, Hindi Stories, Self-improvement, and some other life facts.
  • In the biography section, there is a huge collection of biographies about a lot of renowned Indian and many other celebrities across the globe.
  • The audience can sort out any personality by alphabetical orders on the website.
    Some featured personalities are Albert Einstein, Ashoka, Helen Keller, Kabir Das, Mala Yosaf Zai, Rajiv Dixit, Shivaji, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, etc.
  • In each biography article, the writers describe the bio, life facts, career details, Awards, Inventions (if any), death, etc. of the corresponding personality along with images.
  • In Hindi Stories, the audience can also find a lot of content about informational, inspiring, motivating, and religious stories for any gender and age group.
  • In the self-improvement section, the audience can find a lot of successful and motivational articles, like World’s best CEO, Time Management Techniques, Examination Stress, etc.
  • In Hindi quotes, a lot of quotes by famous personalities, such as Bhagat Singh, Brian Tracy, etc.
    All the content on this website is presented in the Hindi language to promote the Hindi audience across the globe.

13. ajabgjab.com

Ajabgjab.com Homepage
  • This website was founded in 2013 to serve the audience with a lot of information about quotes, Shayari (e.g. Saya Shayari), amazing ideas, biographies, self-improvements, health (such as treatments and benefits of natural ingredients), temple, and bizarre.
  • In the biography section, the audience can find a listing of a lot of renowned Hindi personalities, like Goga Navami, Shravan Mass Ganesh Chaturthi, etc.
  • All the biographical articles contain full life details like birth, role in society, career, marital status, death, etc.
  • This website also features the biographical details linked to historical temples in India, such as Adi Vinayaka Temple, Gadiyaghat Mata Temple, Somnath Jyotirlingas, etc. To sort out any biography, the audience can simply search in the search bar.
  • In the Jyotish section, the audience can find Sharad Purnima K Rashi Anusara Upay, Budh Pradosh K Upay, Hariyal Amavasya K Upay, etc. The audience can also find quotes from renowned biographies, such as Sandeep Maheshwari, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, etc.
  • The audience can also find best wishes from this website based on certain occasions and events of life, such as Republic day wishes, Teachers day wishes, happy Navratri messages, Janmashtmi wishes, etc.
  • All content on this website is presented in the Hindi language to promote Hindi literature.

14. bharatdarshan.co.nz

Bharatdarshan.co.nz Homepage
  • Bharatdarshan is a Hindi magazine and website aiming to provide authentic knowledge about Hindu Literature and Journalism across the globe. It was first published in 1996 from New Zeeland.
  • These magazines and websites are available in both Hindi and English languages.
  • In the area of biographical details, this website features the literary contributions of many renowned Hindi journalists and Hindi authors, such as Surdas, Rasakhan, Kabirdas, Raidas, Meera Bal, Bishma Sohni, etc.
  • All these literary contributions or stories are also given on the website with the corresponding authors or journalists.
  • The audience can find the full life details, including bio, education, literature creation, social life, and death of renowned Indian journalists on the website and magazine.
  • All the literature collection contains tale stories (such as Hindi stories) and poetry (such as poems, national anthem, Hindi songs, and gazals, etc.).
  • The audience can also find a lot of stories for kids and New Zeeland Hindi news on the website and magazine. Also, the audience can get certain articles on the History of famous people.
  • This website also features a special biography about Rohit Kumar “happy” with his literary work of short stories and ghazals.
  • A video gallery for the current issues in India is also displayed.

15. gajabkhabar.com

Gajabkhabar.com Homepage
  • Gajab Khabar (means Bizarre things) is an Indian website founded by Rajkumar Mali in 2015.
  • The content on the website is written in the Hindi language with some English titles.
  • This website discusses the biographies, histories, interesting facts, life information, traveling, and career details.
  • In the traveling section, the audience can find tour guides about different famous places of India like Mirpur, Manipur, etc.
  • Similarly, in the career or education section, the audience can find the resume tips, tips to find jobs, etc.
  • In the biography sections, we can see a lot of Hindi articles from different genres like India and another world.
  • Personalities based on their role in societies from India are featured, like Abdul Qavi Desnavi, Sanjay Gandhi, James Watt, Om Puri, Amir Khusro, and many more.
  • The biography of each personality such as Jahangir clearly describes the birth, marriage life, wars, and death of him.
  • The audience can also find the biographical details of many historical personalities in the History section, such as Bakti Movement Saints, Sher Sha Suri, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 100 freedom fighters, Dara Shikoh, etc.
  • This website also covers a lot of interesting information about life, such as Poverty Facts, Gold Facts, Coronavirus Facts, Christopher Columbus facts, etc.

16. kukufm.com

Kukufm.com Homepage
  • There are lots of revolution we had seen in previous decades. This is similar kind of site where audience can actually set their favorite contents for their convenience.
  • This platform is serving over 1M+ listeners for the past 3 years (2018), which is a great success though in the biography industry, founded by an Indian team.
  • This Hindi website features the biographies of many renowned personalities based on their role in society. The audience can find different categories to find their desired biography, such as

• Business
• Career
• Cinema
• Comedy
• Crime
• Culture
• Education
• Food
• Health
• Hinduism
• Kids
• Leadership
• Literature
• Love
• Meditation and many more.

  • All the biographies are available in the form of Hindi Audio of a Biography Book Summary of the corresponding personality.
  • The audience can also forward the chapters of the audiobooks to save time and find the relevant information.
  • The audience can also explore a lot of other audios available on the website, such as news, podcast, religion, literature, culture, self-help, etc.
  • Also, the audience can download the audio content available on the website to listen to it later.
  • This website also offers the opportunity to the listeners to start their show or podcast by creating audios on interesting affairs of life.

17. jivani.org

Jivani.org Homepage
  • Jivani is a non-profit website organization working in the field of biographies.
  • The audience can sort out any biography on the website based on categories, and nationality.
  • The major categories on the website are:
  • Poet

The biographies of renowned poets are included on the website like Lalitha Lenin, Matthew Arnold, Horace, Ovid, etc.

  • Women

A lot of renowned women’s biographies are also featured, like Jyothi Reddy, Isha Ambani, Manushi Chillar, Chanda Kochhar, Seeta, etc.

  • Artist

Similarly, in artists, the audience can find renowned personalities, like Geeta Kapoor, David Mamet, John Cage, Martin Mcdonagh, etc.

  • Scientist

Dulari Qureshi, Qamar Rehman, etc.

  • Writer

Gail Omvet, Rajendra Bhattia etc.

  • Inspirational

Sujata Ramdorai, Elon Musk etc.

  • Other categories also include:

• Raja
• Politician
• Businessman
• Sports
• Humanitarian
• Famous
• Actor
• Saint
• Musician
• Religious leader etc.

  • In nationality, the audience can sort out the biographies of famous people across the globe. These categories comprise,

• India
• U.K.
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Russia
• Greece
• Ireland
• Pakistan
• China
• Canada and much more

  • In each biography article, the audience can find all life details, such as birth, career, awards, publications, marital life, death, etc.
  • All the content on this website is primarily presented in the Hindi language.

18. hindisoch.com

Hindisoch.com Homepage
  • Hindi Soch was founded by Pawan Kumar in 2014 to spread awareness about Hindi literature.
  • The content on this website is presented in the Hindi language to promote this language in India and across the globe.
  • These websites also offer an ebook to increase “self-confidence” in life (The audience can buy that from the website). This book is inspired by a lot of great personalities in History.
  • This website features the biographies and stories of a lot of Indian personalities, such as Sandeep Maheshwari, Swami Vivekananda, Ekalavya, Dhirubhai Ambani, etc.
  • The audience can also read a lot of Hindi Quotes from the great personalities of History, such as Shiv Khera, Anmol Vachan, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.
  • In Hindi Shayari and poems, this website features the best literary work from renowned personalities.
  • The audience can find a lot of specific occasions to use this poetry and poems, for example, Makar Sankranti, Bhai Dooj, Happy Diwali, Happy Navratri, poems on mother, Desh Bhakti Par 5, etc.
  • In biographies, the audience can also find beautiful wallpapers of the relevant personality, such as Durga Maiya, Shree Ram Navami, Iskcon Krishna, Radha Krishna, etc. to use for different purposes.

19. hindipanda.com

Hindipanda.com Homepage
  • Hindi Panda was founded by Ashish Arora in 2017 to increase the awareness of people with motivational biographies, the latest technology updates, and current affairs in India and across the globe.
  • In biographies of famous personalities, the audience can find in the relevant fields, such as funny, historical, legends and motivational.
  • In funny biographies, the audience can find the funny motivational stories of Akbar Birbal by Sandeep Maheshwari in Hindi.
  • In historical biographies, the audience can find all life details, such as childhood, love life, religion, and death of famous historical personalities, such as Razia Sultan, Adolf Hitler, etc.
  • The audience can also find the historical details of famous places in India and across the globe, such as Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, etc.
  • Another category of this website is legend biography, where The audience can find the biographies of remarkable personalities, such as Charlie Chaplin, Smriti Mandhana, A P J Abdul Kalam, Har Gobind Khorana, etc. The audience can find all the life facts about them.
  • In motivational biographies, the audience can find the life facts, career, love affairs, and renowned contribution in societies.
  • A lot of motivational biographies of Hindi articles have been featured, like Sandeep Maheshwari, Shiv Khera, and other motivational videos.

20. 1hindi.com

1hindi.com Homepage
  • 1 Hindi is a Hindi medium website that presents a lot of the latest content on Quotes, Health, Stories, Tech, and Business.
  • The stories section contains a lot of biographies of famous people in Success Stories, Motivational, Inspirational, Self-Developments, and Panchatantra as sub-sections.
  • In success stories, this website features the biographies of a lot of successful persons, like Donald Trump, Sundar Pichai, Dhyan Chand, etc.
  • In motivational stories, this website features biographies of a lot of motivating people of the globe, like Mark Zuckerberg, Jawaharlal Nehru, Chauhan, Rabindranath Tagore, etc.
  • Similarly, in Inspirational stories, the website features the biographies of many renowned inspiring people in India and across the globe, such as Radha Krishna, Laxmi Bai, Sushant Sing Rajput, Isaac Newton, etc.
  • In development stories, the audience can find a lot of self-developing stories along with the biographies of the corresponding author, such as Kabuliwala story by Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Harish Chandra Biography, etc.
  • Similarly, in Panchatantra, the audience may find interesting stories by renowned authors, such as The Foolish Sage and Swindler story.
  • In each biography detail, the authors have completely described the life facts, studies, career, personal life details, death, etc.
  • All the content on the website is presented n the Hindi language.

21. nayichetana.com

Nayichetana.com Homepage
  • Nayi Chetana is an Indian website founded by Surendra Singh Maraha in 2015.
  • This website offers a lot of the latest information in self-development, biographies, and ideas of great people, health-related information, blogging advice, inspirational content to serve the readers with the best information.
  • All content on the website is presented in the Hindi language to promote it across the globe.
    In the Hindi Biographies section, the audience can find all life details such as bio, career, death, inventions, etc. of any renowned personality.
  • All the information on any biographic articles is cited to well reputable sources. A clear author bio is also shown to maintain the authenticity of the information.
  • A list of a lot of famous personalities’ biographies is given on the website, such as Steve Jobs, Ranu Mandal, Mayawati, Mithun Chakraborty, Balasaheb Thackeray, etc.
  • In the Hindi stories section, the audience can also find a lot of interesting life stories along with biographies, such as Radha Krishna stories, Ganesh Ji stories, Narad Mun stories, etc.
  • The audience can also find a lot of Hindi quotes and poems by famous personalities on this website, such ad Robert Frost, Neem Karoli Baba, Sumitranandan Pant, etc.
  • This website also offers a lot of useful content about biographies on YouTube.

22. dilsedeshi.com

Dilsedeshi.com Homepage
  • Dil Se Deshi is an Indian website founded in 2019 to offer a lot of services about life events and social media.
  • This website aims to provide the audience authentic information about a lot of interesting facts, religion, Biography, health, Hindi folks, History, and other information about India.
  • In the history section, the audience can find History about a lot of places, events, cultures, worships, and empires, such as Kheer Bhawani History, Maratha Empire History, International Dance History, etc.
  • In the field of biography, this website aims to provide authentic information about a lot of renowned personalities, like Sagar Amale, Raja Chari, Nagarjun, Maithili Sharan Gupt, and many more other Indian celebrities.
  • This website enlists a lot of political, religious, motivational, sports, poets, Indian Vocalists, social, writers, and business Indian personalities.
  • In each biography article, the audience can find interesting information about the respective personality, including complete bio (name, religion, birth date, and place, awards, etc.), Family, Education, Career, Death, etc.
  • In the “my country” section, the audience can explore more about Indian information.
    Each article has a clear author link to ensure the authenticity of the article.
    All the content on the website is presented in the Hindi language for a source of Hindi medium in India and across the globe.

23. hindi-biography.com

Hindi-biography.com Homepage
  • Hindi Biography is a blog dedicated to Hindi Biographies, founded by Ravi Kumar in India in 2012.
  • Along with biographies, this website presents unique content on poetry, social status, wishes for any specific event, and other related images.
  • The audience can find the biographies of any field by sorting out the categories on the website. These categories are actors (such as Gaurav Tiwari, Gautam Rode), anchors (e.g. Arnab Goswami), actress (such as Urvashi Rautela, Sridevi), comedians (e.g. Kapil Sharma), directors (e.g. Sanya Sagar), entrepreneurs (e.g. Sandeep Maheshwari, Monika Ghurde), scientists, singers (e.g. Guru Randhawa, YoYo Honey Singh), YouTubers, sports, leaders (Ex. Rajiv Gandhi) and a lot of many more.
  • In each biography article, the audience can read all life events, such as birth, career, names, parents, awards, childhood, personal life details, death, etc.
  • Additionally, the audience can a lot of biographies of a lot of historical persons belonging to India, such as Kamala Das, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc.
  • The audience can also find YouTube videos in each biography article to learn and explore more about any respective personality.
  • All the content on the website is presented in Hindi to ensure the awareness of this language in India and across the globe.

24. hindibiography.in

Hindibiography.in Homepage
  • Hindi Biography is a website dedicated to providing useful information about a lot of famous personalities from India and across the globe.
  • The biographies are enlisted based on the categories on the website; such as,
  • Actor and Actress
  • Here The audience can find the biographical details of Indian actors and actresses based on their role in media. A lot of renowned actors and actresses are featured, like Ahsaas Channa, Vishal Panday, Sargun Mehta, etc. The audience can read the career, family, marital status, affairs, net worth, social media links, etc in articles.

• Haryanvi

Western Hindi renowned personalities are featured here, like Anil Nayak, Pranjal Dahiya, Anjali Raghav, etc.

• Motivational speaker

Motivational Speakers of India are featured here, like Mahendra Dogney, etc.

• Punjabi

Punjabi talent is featured in this category, like Kaka.

• Singer

A lot of famous singers are featured here, such as Jubin Nautiyal, Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar, etc.

• Television

Indian T.V. stars are featured here, like Anjum Fakih, Avneet Kaur, Anushka Sen, etc.

• Tik Tok star

Famous Tik Tok stars of India are featured, like Lucky Dancer, Riyaz Aly.

• YouTube

Famous YouTubers are featured here, like Sameeksha, Nishu Tiwari, etc. All content on this website is presented in the Hindi language.

25. hindimepadhe.com

Hindimepadhe.com Homepage
  • This website presents the latest information about a lot of categories, such as Blogging Tips, Awesome, Educational, Banking, Hindi Stories, Android, and Insurance.
  • This website is serving the readers with a lot of motivating and inspirational content since 2017 till now.
  • The content on this website is resented in Hindi with some English titles and subtitles.
  • In the category of Hindi Stories Collection, the audience can find a lot of stories related to facts, famous personalities, fiction, and non-fiction work.
  • Instead of biography they provide the hindi stories. Till now they featured “Rajkanya Meherangej se Badla”, “Tenaliram ki Chaturai”, “Aarya Chanakya Ke Anmol vachan”, etc.
  • Every story is beautifully describes including the role of the character invovled in story. For example, in the story Acharya Chanakya k Anmol Vachan, we may find life details of Acharya Chanakya, motivational quotes, and best books of Chanakya in both Hindi and Gujrati.
  • The audience can also find a lot of entertaining stories on the website, such as Gul me Sanober k sath kya Kiya? etc.
  • A lot of horror stories are also featured on the website, such as War in Ghost armies, an unbelievable story.
  • Every story is written by an author with a bio on the website to ensure high authenticity.


In today’s World, providing free digital information involves so many challenging tasks that users are unaware of. Above 25 Best Biography websites are motivated a millions of users providing top-notch information about persons.

So, pick up your favorite one and try to read biographies of motivational personalities. Because good input always results in a good outcome.

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