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Introduction to Albert Einstein Biography for kids:

Albert Einstein Biography for kids will also inspire adults. It helps you to increase your dedication to work. Albert Einstein was a very famous scientist of the 20th century. His name used as a synonym for the word “Genius.” So, what makes Albert Einstein so special? Well, his theory of relativity and research on the photoelectric effect.

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Albert Einstein inventions that change the world

First Atomic Bomb:

Einstein’s research used in the development of the Atomic Bomb. On 16th July 1945, J. Robert Oppenheimer successfully created and tested the first Atomic Bomb. This Bomb named “Trinity” (codename for Atomic bomb test).

Nobel Prize to Albert Einstein:

Einstein honored with Nobel prize for his work on the “Photoelectric Effect” in 1921.

Amazing facts about Albert Einstein:

  1. The theory of relativity made him famous, but he got a Nobel prize for his research on “Photoelectric Effect.”
  2. Albert Einstein didn’t directly involve in atomic bomb creation. People assumed him as inventor mainly because of his work used in bomb-making. He very disappointed after the use of a nuclear bomb against Japan, and he always in fear that his work may destroy humanity.
  3. Albert Einstein did his second marriage with his cousin named Elsa Einstein.
  4. A copulation between the Death & Birth Year of Galileo Galilei-Sir Isaac Newton & James Maxwell-Albert Einstein was the same.
  5. Einstein’s one photograph, along with his signature taken on 72nd birthday on 14th March 1951, has auctioned for $111890 (one lakh eleven thousand eight hundred and ninety dollars).
  6. At the time of Einstein’s death, Einstein said something to the doctor in German, but unfortunately, because the doctor didn’t know the German language. His last words remained secrete.
  7. Einstein didn’t know car driving, swimming. But he loves to travel within the sea.
  8. Albert Einstein gave the key to become great with one word, and that word is “devotion.”
  9. Even though he such an outstanding scientist, most times, he didn’t remember his telephone number and dates.
  10. Einstein was not like to cut his hair. His that hairstyle now trending as Genius Hairstyle.
  11. He did not prefer to dress up like a Gentleman. Also, he didn’t like to wear socks.
  12. He assumed as mentally handicapped in school times. His teacher had thought he wasn’t able to achieve anything in his life.
  13. Albert Einstein was an average student in School. Once Einstein’s mathematics professor called him “Lazy Dog.” But math is only his favorite subject from childhood.
  14. When he was born, his head his too large compared to other children. So, the doctor considered him mentally crippled. He has not started his education until the age of seven years.
  15. Till the age of four, Einstein was not even able to speak. He first spoke when he was taking breakfast on the dining table.
  16. When Einstein was five years old, his father brought compass at home. He first time become interested in Science. He amazed by seeing which hidden power kept the needle in the same direction.
  17. In the year 1999, Times magazine pact and featured Albert Einstein as the Great Person of the Century.
  18. In the year 1952, Einstein received the offer to became a president of Israel. But, Albert Einstein politely rejected the offer saying that he was not made for politics but made only for Science.
  19. Did you know who Einstein’s favorite scientist was? Well, it Galileo Galilei.
  20. Albert Einstein was a pet lover. He also kept one pet cat at his home. This cat became cheerless during the rainy season.
  21. Einstein loved to drunk Cigar. You can see so many photographs with Cigar holding in mouth.
  22. Once, the reporter asked a question to Einstein, Which type of weapons will be used in the third World War? Einstein said I don’t know about the third World War, but the Fourth World War will be fought with stones. Because in the third world war, all modern civilizations will be destroyed. And once again, human beings go into the stone age.
  23. Once, the journalist asked him about his laboratory. That time Einstein sign towards the head. One scientist asks Albert Einstein about his most significant apparatus in the lab. Einstein simply showed his fountain pen. For Albert Einstein, the lab was his head, and vital equipment was his pen.
  24. To work efficiently, Einstein took 10 hours of sleep.
  25. Albert Einstein used to take $5 for an autograph and $1000 for speech. Afterward, he donate the money collected to charity.
  26. At a time when Einstein was a professor, during exam one student came and said to Einstein that questions asked this year were the same as in the previous year. Albert Einstein replied, “Questions are the same, but answers is now changed.”
  27. Einstein’s one letter written about God and Religion. A letter was written to Eric Gutkind one year before his death on 3 January 1954. Eric Gutkind sent his new book, “Choose Life the Biblical call to revolt.” Einstein wrote this letter in reply to the book’s and his opinion. He said in a letter that, for me, God is the only word that came from people’s weakness. Yes, the Bible is respectful, but its collection of ancient stories. Any type of secrete definition won’t change my thoughts about God.
  28. After the death of Einstein, Thomas Harvey has taken out Einstein’s brain for research without taking permission from his family. His brain kept in a jar to research for almost 20 years. In the investigation, its became clear that his brain was containing more glial brain cells than the ordinary person.
  29. Einstein may survive for a few more years. But, Einstein refused for operations saying that “I had lived my life, there is no fun to live with help Artificial Machines.”
  30. In Sorbonne University in the year of 1930, Einstein said that if his theory became valid, then German will call me an “Ideal German citizen.” And France will give me the honor of “World Citizen.”
    But, if my theory became wrong, then France will call me German. And German will call me “Yahudi.”

Inspirational Quotes by Albert Einstein:

Childhood of Albert Einstein:

Family Background of Albert Einstein:

Let’s start with his childhood. Albert Einstein was from a middle-class family. His father was Engineer and salesman. He also established a company named “Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie.” Einstein’s mother, Pauline Koch, was a housewife. Einstein also had one sister Maria.
There were significant Life-changing Events in the life of Albert Einstein.

First Event:

His father was an engineer, so he bought a compass at home. Einstein was just surprised by seeing that compass. As we know, a needle of compass moves concerning direction. But, Einstein was thinking differently and became curious about invisible powers in the Universe after that event.

One Memory of Albert Einstein:

The second story is about the Geometry book. When he first discovered that book, he devoured it. That book later called “Sacred Little Geometry Book.”

Einstein’s belief in God:

In childhood Einstein strongly believe in God. He used to pray and chant holy songs. In contrast, this perception of God began to change. Because He started reading science books.

In the life of Albert Einstein, medical student Max Talmud played a significant role. Max Talmud helped Einstein in philosophy and mathematics. His teaching efforts helped Einstein to stand out. Science series played a vital role in developing interest in Science in the life of Einstein. In that series, the book author visualized the riding alongside the electricity in telegraph wire.

In this imagination, Einstein asked the question, if we run alongside the light beam how it looks?
If light were the wave, then it should appear like a static wave.
Another thing, in childhood, he knew static light waves not exist.
Hence, there was a paradox.

An interruption in Einstein’s Education:

Due to repeated failure in the father’s business. Einstein’s education interrupted several times. Herman Einstein migrated to Milan for work.

To complete Einstein’s education, his father sent him to Boarding school. Einstein ran from Boarding Hostel and went to the parent house due to miserable conditions at the Hostel. Einstein described his situation at the Hostel. Then, Parents also realized his problems. He didn’t look any future hopes, probably due to interruptions in his education.
When you tried and failed, then it is better to hope to succeed in another try.

Admission to Polytechnic school:

Finally, he was successfully applied directly to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in 1911. This school was in Zurich city, Switzerland. His institute name change after expansion to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. But, he needs to pass its tough entrance exam to take admission to that institute.

After giving an exam, he showed his excellence in mathematics and physics. But, unfortunately, failed in Chemistry, Biology, and French.

Though, because of his talent in Maths and Physics, he allowed in polytechnic on certain conditions. Conditions were Einstein need to complete his formal education before taking admission to the school.

Formal Education of Albert Einstein:

To complete formal education, he took admission to specialized high school. That school ran by Jost Winteler in Aarau, Switzerland. Einstein completed his graduation in 1896. Afterward, he refused the citizenship of Germany.

From 1986 to 1901, he remained stateless. Switzerland’s government granted Einstein with Swiss citizenship. Jost Winteler became his close friend.

Einstein spent a lot of time with his new friends in Zurich. Marcel Grossmann, who was a mathematician and one of his real friends. Marcel and Einstein also like to discuss scientific theories, interesting topics like time and space.
Here Einstein also met his first love Mileva Marić.

Biggest Crisis in the life of Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein always believed in self- study, rather than spoon-feeding. Therefore, Einstein mostly likes to study the subject on his own. So, he not able to attend the whole class. Because of this, few professors became angry about his behavior and eventually became enemies. As a result, Einstein’s applications refused for every Academic position he tried to apply.

Objections in a marriage of Einstein:

Later, Einstein and Mileva Marić became serious about their relationship. Einstein asked his parents about their marriage. Marić was from Serbia. Therefore, Einstein’s mother objected to him with the reason for her Serbian background.

1902- Worst year in the life of Albert Einstein:

This year there was filled with a significant downfall that happened in the life of Albert Einstein. First of all, he wanted to marry Mileva Marić, but couldn’t marry because of his family objection. The second thing is his father’s business drowned, and due to his jobless situation, he was not able to support his family.

A turning point in the life of Einstein:

Marcel Grossmann recommended Einstein in the Swiss patent office for the post of clerk. After that, the life of Einstein started changing. This office located in Bern, Switzerland.

Death of Einstein’s father:

Just a few days after his joining in the office. His father suffered from heart failure. In the last days, he allowed and blessed Einstein to marry Mileva Marić.

For many years after his father’s death, Einstein felt sad. Because his father very much caring about Einstein’s future. Also, he was thinking of Einstein as a failure and how his career will be?

Children of Albert Einstein were Hans Albert and Eduard, born in 1904 and 1910. He always tried to finish his work in the office as soon as possible. Einstein was using that time for his research on theoretical questions.

Einstein’s marriage with Mileva Marić :

After joining the office, Einstein was quite confident about his marriage. Finally, Albert Einstein married Mileva Marić on 6th January 1903.

Einstein’s Imaginary World:

He had spent a lot of time thinking about the hypothetical questions. What would happen if I traveled with a speed of light?

Maxwell’s Equation explained the nature of light. Albert Einstein determined to research it. Einstein already studied the Maxwell equation in polytechnic school. Einstein eventually discovered the fact that it was unknown to James Maxwell. That fact is, “Speed of light is stable throughout the Universe.”
Newton does not consider absolute velocity in his theory. As a result, it violates Newton’s laws of motion.

As a result of this surprising fact, Einstein was able to write the principle of relativity.
“Speed of light is constant in any inertial frame of reference.”

1905- Miracle year in the life of Albert Einstein:

Miracle year was because, this year, Einstein published four research papers. Albert Einstein published his writings in Annals of Physics, one of the oldest journal.

Einstein’s every paper contributed to upgrading the course of physics.

Einstein’s Four Research papers of 1905 CE:

1) Einstein applied quantum theory on the creation and transformation of light to explain the photoelectric effect. If light consists of small energy packets (later called photons) and strikes on metal, then metal should release electrons.

2) In Molecular kinetic theory of heat, the suspended particles inside the liquid moves, this motion of a particle in still water was the first practical proof of the existence of atoms. This motion is called the Brownian movement. Then, it gives the ability to calculate the size of Jostling atom and Avogadro’s number.

3) Einstein presented the mathematical theory of special relativity with the help of electrodynamics of moving bodies.

4) Does any body’s Inertia directly depend on energy content?
Einstein proved and derived a formula for his theory of relativity that is E=mc^2. This theory became the first theory that explains the sources of energy of stars like Sun.

Einstein’s Colleagues in Development relativity theory:

Einstein also completed his doctorate and submitted a research paper for it. Albert Einstein was the first scientist who put the whole relativity theory together. As scientist Jules Henri Poincaré and Hendrik Antoon Lorentz already had some pieces of Special Relativity Theory. Einstein showed that it was one of the universal laws of nature.

One Myth- Einstein’s wife association in Relativity theory:

According to one private letter written by Einstein to wife Mileva Marić, Einstein wrote Relativity theory as our theory.

In contrast, Mileva omitted Physics after failing the graduate exam two-times. Also, there was not any record or proof which support her involvement in the development of relativity theory.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published a research paper. He mentioned and credited his discussion only with Besso in developing relativity theory.


Politically unfavorable conditions for Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein was born in Jews traditional religion. In contrast, the political environment in Germany wasn’t favorable to Jewish people due to the rise of the power of the Nazis. Adolph Hitler becomes a new chancellor who hates Jewish people.

Physics of the 19th century entirely depended on Maxwell’s theory of light and Newton’s laws of motion.
Albert Einstein realized the contradiction in them. Therefore, one theory must have to fail to fulfill the rules of Physics.

International Conference of Albert Einstein:

Theories of Einstein didn’t make him famous instantly until it was verified and confirmed by Max Plank. Albert Einstein also gives the lecture at the international conference where he has invited. Afterward, he became famous throughout the world.

Divorce to Mileva Marić:

With increasing fame and prestige, Einstein was not able to give enough time for his married life. He had so much attachment to relativity theory, and he was just lost whenever he had to speak about it. Eventually, the distance in his relationship increased. They finally separated and divorced in 1919.

Second Marriage of Albert Einstein with Elsa Einstein:

Before few months of divorce, Einstein started an affair with his cousin Elsa. Einstein gets married Elsa after his divorce in 1919.

Joining to University of Berlin:

Various prestigious institutions invited Einstein for top designations. The University of Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University of Prague, also offered positions to Einstein. Einstein had so many choices to choose University. Out of these renowned Universities, finally, Einstein filtered out Berlin University. He serviced for 20 years as director of the Kaiser.

The search for Defects in Einstein’s theory:

Einstein forgot to consider one critical and vital factor in his approach. He had not mentioned acceleration and gravitation anywhere.

Einstein took almost 1905 to 1915 to discovered such deep thought. One of his friends, Paul Ehrenfest, observed a fantastic fact.

He noticed that if we take the spinning disk, then the point at the center of disc travel slower as compared to the rim of the disc, which moves faster.

Hence, according to special relativity, the meter on circumference should shrink.

As a result, the Euclidean Geometry of Plane must fail for the disc. Another ten years, Einstein spent to figure out gravitation in terms of space and time. The gravitational force of Newton was sub-topic of the bending of the fabric of space and time.

Einstein died on the day of 18 April 1955 in Princeton Hospital.

Albert Einstein Brain Facts:

Albert Einstein Brain
Image Credits: Emőke Dénes

He considered one of the most intelligent people in the world because of such mind-blowing theories and research. Many people curious about Einstein’s brain. As a result, after the death of Albert Einstein, his brain was taken out by pathologist Thomas Harvey. Harvey did this without taking permission from his family members or Albert Einstein himself.

I hope you like this article of Albert Einstein Biography for kids. Please share the knowledge with your friends and family, and give them a chance to become “Genius!”

Featured Image Credits: Photograph by Oren Jack Turner, Princeton, N.J., source: Wikimedia

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